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  1. Thank you for the support. It was just an idea from new player (if you know my brief history, that will explain a lot) which seemed reasonable. Vox
  2. And kos to grief or witch hunt is bad conduct, People in those situations should be able to know where they are kos. Vox
  3. "sorry not buying this argument. -1 if you need to know if you are kos then you deserve to not know" Binary thinking has no place in resolution and mitigation. Take care and Good luck! Vox
  4. "trying to be constructive. i would kos anyone that is that worried about it . if you dont have bad intentions then why would you need that warning?" Because trolling and griefing happens?
  5. "dont be an ass to other people and you wont have to worry about kos" Constructive comments only please - not disruptive and trolling.
  6. That way you dont have to "poke and hope." At least on PvE servers.
  7. I am part of this village and the mayors are the best gamers you will ever find.
  8. I donated 2s and a rowboat. Aoife is keeping his donation secret. Haha.
  9. Close this thread. All avenues have been exhausted and I said what I had to say. Thank your for all of the positive PMs and invites to servers! Vox Vocci
  10. On the note "Vox types like him," (comma goes inside the quote - english101) maybe we both actually had college English classes? It is obvious Nomad and Susie have not. Waiting on GMs and Charter to do their work. Vox.
  11. Charter confirmed the ip attack. They are trying to find where it originated and said I don't have to press charges. That will be done by them and some agency. The only people that would have access to this are the GMs and Nomad because I subscribed to the ally site. Vox.
  12. "Take one of the offers to start over" That was my direction before being alerted, by many, this should be solved. Good luck and take care, Vox.
  13. Wulfgarr, There are to many flaws to address here. PM me if you want the total list and discussion. Until then, I see you no more than a troll. Vox.
  14. Zundy, I was not even thinking about making a post until (very) many said I should. Thanks for your input. Vox.