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  1. Decay of skill if isnt used for a time sounds good.
  2. suggestion Possibility to Hide the Resources ... Player should search for it
  3. wow -nice. Small hint: dedicated server with separate user for steamcmd/wurm and www should exceute as root.
  4. Hello all, what are your experiences with headless dedicatet server. I try to run a custom map at my server - but wurm unlimited server will not start., Last line in log: INFO: Finished loading Wurm IDs, that took 1.879341 millis. ... for more than 15 minutes it will not be go on and i abort. Map size 2048 will work wothout problems an fats. Maybe map size 4096 is to big for RAM and wurm server gives no feedback? AMD Athlon II X2 RAM 4GB CentOS 7.2 Greetings
  5. If you have Problems to rebuild Database with "./rebuild-dbs" - try to: 1) Convert File to UTF8 2) Edit call of SQLITE SQLITE_CMD=./sqlite3 SQLITE_CMD=sqlite3 3) Comment out: # Check that the sqlite3 executable exists #if [ ! -f $SQLITE_CMD ]; then # echo "ERROR: Could not find sqlite executable $SQLITE_CMD" # pauseAndExit 1 #fi
  6. +1 and turn off after sleep bonus is used up
  7. Hello, i am nit really sure - i guess "Silver Bay" is there: http://xanadu-wurm.rhcloud.com/#mark/6669/6343/5 South of Esteron / near Fairwind.