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  1. Want to sell, looking for reasonable offers. Located on Celebration.
  2. Bump. Want to sell this.
  3. want to sell everything here!
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  8. huge axe, iron 91.27QL Nimbleness 87, Life Transfer 87. 2s. Sold to Evening
  9. ring, gold 60.38QL 40c ring, gold 61.65QL Nolocate 87. 90c huge axe, iron 91.27QL Nimbleness 87, Life Transfer 87. 2s huge axe, iron 90.54QL Animal's Demise,Nimbleness 76, Life Transfer 75, Circle of Cunning 95. 2s 50c carving knife, iron 50.39QL Circle of Cunning 80. 50c saw, iron 48.29QL Circle of Cunning 79. 40c pickaxe, iron 13.49QL Circle of Cunning 92. 1s 50c pickaxe, iron 33.79QL Circle of Cunning 72. 35c pickaxe, iron 77.56QL Wind of Ages 80. 50c pickaxe, iron 48.86QL Wind of Ages 71. 40c pickaxe, steel 6.95QL Circle of Cunning 81. 50c pickaxe, steel 8.06QL Circle of Cunning 55. 20c needle, iron 77.94QL Circle of Cunning 49. 30c huge axe, steel 90.47QL Nimbleness 81, Frostbrand 89, Circle of Cunning 83. 3s pickaxe, iron 14.05QL Circle of Cunning 66. 30c pickaxe, iron 9.38QL Circle of Cunning 50. 30c pickaxe, iron 6.34QL Circle of Cunning 65. 30c pickaxe, iron 6.60QL Circle of Cunning 56. 30c short sword, iron 54.58QL Life Transfer 62. 1s
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