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  1. Thank you, all that matters is that I get a little bit of communication to/from Are any issues not listed on git? Is there anything you're looking to implement that I could attempt? I haven't used the program for years - ad a brief look over it today and seems to be going into a web app which I can assume is for compatibility with older systems?
  2. Hi, have been set a task at University to contribute to an open source Github repo, looking to commit here. Will need some people to review pull requests, is this still in active dev?
  3. Hello people of Cele! I am planning to start work on a underground highway system, in a grid, connected with bridges throughout the server. Please post below any suggestions / changes you would like to see. See my proposal below: please note I have not done any land surveying yet so am not sure if these cross through deeds.
  4. Just reuploaded to a new image site, let me know if working now.
  5. Just a bit of content from my deed here, will be posting major changes or ideas. Any feedback would be lovely. Below shows the addition of a farm area being carved into the mountain and also the start of an tunnel entrance to the far right (rock peak). Rock areas are planned to become natural with time. Slopes for the entrance are currently planned to be around 210. The mine will contain a storage building for hunting drop offs. I hope to tunnel down to the right section of water and potentially create an underground storage area for boats / materials.
  6. Hi all, Looking to upgrade my armour this month, enchanted or not. PM me, silver ready.
  7. Update today

    Celebration is still down while all others are up
  8. Bump.. lots of sale still..
  9. Drake set on Damine is now sold.