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  1. congrats Rolf! I been playing since the beginning. At start under a different name tho. I got a Question regarding this bag. My premium ran out before the update. If I go prem now do I still get the bag?
  2. It saddens me to see what happened to this game. I know that everyone that played in beta, gold and before all champion changes, artifacts, overpowered meditation abilities, etc enjoyed the game more then they do now. Back then a fight could last awhile between two high skilled fighters. More raids cause you didnt die that easy, you could actually if you played smart get away from a gank. Players wasnt afraid to roam the lands. We had so many big skirmishes and raids back then with 50+ people. And everyone enjoyed it. Now it seems that if you want to pvp you not only need SOTG, but artifacts and titles and everything else. Skill isnt enough to pvp nowadays. Ah well, what bothers me when iam reading the answers in this thread is the people that say "oh, without SOTG you will get 1 shotted with hughe axe"... hmm dont you realise yourself that something is awfully wrong then when a weapon can kill you in 1 or 2 hits? Sure, everyone can get SOTG, and theres the problem, we shouldnt have to get SOTG to have _fun_ pvping.
  3. Numerous topics been posted about SOTG, but no solutions to it. As we all probably know already, SOTG is the most OP thing in this game. Unbalanced and game breaking and overpowered. This ability only makes the gap bigger between new players and old players. We don’t need that. I remember a long time ago, 5-6 years ago when one of the power path abilities was to spawn lava. Could spawn it everywhere without time limit. People went bonkers about that and complained. It got changed to only work in magranon and inside kingdom domain and could only be casted once every 24th hour. Hmm where are those people now, or has been for the all the years SOTG been in game? I can’t see them, can you? SOTG needs to be either removed or at least make these changes to balance the game. * SOTG can only be used if you have a shield equipped "sounds logical, as SOTG is a damage reduction ability". * SOTG can only be used every 24th hour * SOTG only lasts 10 minutes when used. * SOTG makes you move slower "logical as well, you put on some extra armor, you should be slower". When I first started to play this game in beta everything was somewhat balanced and fine, and FUN. Now it became something else and sadly it continues on that road.
  4. In my opinion SOTG should be removed. Or at least made a timed ability. Can only be used 1 time per day or something like that.
  5. I dont know what mushrooms you ate son, but please give me some. Hard "well not as hard as you ppl belive" - Freedom , chaos Middle - Epic Walk in the park easy - Challenge What more do you want? Maybe some more servers? You want maybe a server where you do 1 action and you get 100 skill in that? Wow, what mode is that? supermode? Whats with you people and your quest for instant gratification, maybe its the way society is today and the way of the youths. But it doesnt work like that in real Life. Better remember this or else you will get butthurt!
  6. Ok fellow players, stop pm'ing me on forum and online. Here it comes by popular demand, the big ol Mighty B U M P!
  7. Funny isnt it The people that yelled for Wild/Chaos server reset cause people had high skills and whatever and what not. You cried so loud that Rolf made you a whole new shining server. Here you got extra fast skillgain, a new map and Everything you asked for. Now, the same people that complained from the beginning is NOW complaining for Epic to be reset. The server you asked for in the first Place. *Sigh* Isnt it funny how it is? There is actually only one thing to do, tho sadly it will never happen. Remove Epic and let those people who live there now move to Chaos/wild server or if they dont want to pvp they can move to freedom. We need to find a proper way to deal with the skills they earned on Epic tho. This suggestion would make Wurmonline be more alive. More people on the real pvp server and more people on the freedom server. Imo Epic shouldnt be created in the first Place, nor all those other servers.
  8. An enemy of mine asked me to bump this. On his behalf "here you go".
  9. Klaa lol. I tried to update the topic with a Poll, but I didnt get the option to do so. Maybe iam doing it wrong?
  10. Cant see how it would Elen. As you can still make your Anonymous poll. The only thing this suggestion Changes is that you get the Option to make the poll not Anonymous.
  11. The suggestion is really simple. Let everyone see who voted in a poll and what answer they voted for. Maybe give the option when creating the poll "Show voters". That way those that want to create a regular poll can do that. /Edit; I might not explained good enough so here it is: When you create a poll you should be given the option to click a checkbox saying "show all voters to everyone". If you dont click that box then the poll is like it is now. Above makes both sides happy, those that want the ability to make a poll to see who voted what. And those that want to be "Anonymous" for some reason i cant explain....
  12. Sillkakka this is hard to code, but yeah your right. But how do we prevent the villages from having 100 alts logged in just to gain village bonus?
  13. +1 in regular font and regular color. This suggestion is actually better then you Think in more ways then one! Go figure if you dont understand what i mean. But some mechanic should be added to prevent villages to have 100 of alts to benefit from the this system.
  14. -1 Deal with it! in large red color and biggest font!
  15. No. Btw you can already have Children, if Rolf didnt change this.
  16. To bad about the Gnomes. And as people said its bad that you cant punish the thiefs. Would making celebration free to pvp 1 day a week be a good idea? That way you people on cele and the other non-pvp servers can punish the ones that doesnt follow the rules. Make it so every server can join and pvp on non-pvp servers every Saturday or something. Your wife aggroing, can it have something to do with you playing to much wurmonline maybe
  17. Happy New Year everyone, enemies and friends. Keep on Rocking Rolf and the GM team - you do a great job. Whats your new years resolution? mine is to grind small maul to 45 skill. Btw you want to feel the adrealine shooting like a rocket through your veins? you want to participate in the 1 and only server created? you want to fight, to pvp? you want no restrictions what so ever? Join WILD SERVER! Join, MR, JK, or BL. Join CHAOS, do it now!
  18. I like the idea of a "timer" to ease of the souls that so badly want their fw amulets safe. But, adding a timer would mean that the FW amulets would be left forever on the server. And I still ask myself, how come there are so many left?.... Anyhoot, 24 hour cooldown would work for me. Why not make it, 24 hour cooldown in enemy presence. But spam ahead if not. ?
  19. Necromateur; some people cant be reasoned with. Adapt and overcome. Some people feel the need to argue even with such a simple fact that 1+1 equals 2. Why bother arguing with them?
  20. BrandonSF dont lol Your comments might be taken seriosly by new players. We all know that wurmonline is so much more then pure skills. The way this game attracts me and most of us i belive is the tactic side of it. It doesnt matter if you have 99 fs, 99 bc, 99 bs, 99, sk, 99 ws. What matters is tacticts,...3 medium skilled people can take down even the best skilled fighter ingame! and thats the truth. FW amulets where added as a gift, never could Rolf know they would ruin the pure Foundation this game was created on! WARFARE!
  21. This been needed from day one. We all play this game for a different reason, some like to be a merchant, some likes to be a warrior, some likes to be a troll...lol But anyhow, there are Money to be made in this game, so let the "merchants" get their share fun of it!
  22. Can we stop arguing please? Keep the sleep bonus at 5h as it is now. No need to make people gather upp 1000 hours of 2x skillgain. There is reason why Rolf made the sleep bonus 5 h, Think people, Think. Repeat, Think!