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  1. Please for the love of Vynora make it so when you put a log and a saw in the crafting window it defaults to make a plank. Not a yoke. I have more accidental yokes then anyone could ever want. Thanks very much for your time and consideration.
  2. Celebration Map

    Fort Payne at x38y47 disbanded Stiggmatta Bluff at x30y49 is disbanded
  3. I envision a run down cart or wagon with no wheels raised up on cinder blocks. You can command it to load but it goes nowhere.
  4. Have you tried putting your left leg in and then taking your left leg out? Does shaking it all about have any effect?
  5. Yeah, just check the 3 wild hives near me, none have wax. Also no swarm has moved to into any of my domestic hives.
  6. Just use a smaller veg like garlic. I was told not all veg will fit and sausage casings will not be resized.
  7. I still have never seen more then one wax per hive. Is this the intended mechanic? Check your hives early. Check your hives often.
  8. I have the same issue. Have you noticed when dragging and dropping it into the cake tin that is says [21:42:05] You drop a biscuit.? If you drag and drop it into you inventory it will say [21:49:19] You get a biscuit. But if you use the take keybind it says [21:50:05] You get a rocky road crunch bars.
  9. I have found 2 wild beehives now. On both over time they slowly fill with honey as I would expect. The beeswax, on the other hand, only ever gives one lump of 0.10 weight. It will not make a new beeswax until you harvest the existing one. This leads to needing to constantly check back to harvest wax. Is this a bug or intended?
  10. Sugar, Flour, Raw Egg, Butter will get you a cookie. The same but also add a nut, Nutty cookie. Edit: Sorry, Baking stone, in Oven.
  11. Cheesemaking

    When making cheese with a 16.58 ql cheese squeezer with 74 CoC I receive the following: [11:55:12] Dairy food making increased by 0.0015 to 56.3854 Using a 16.28 ql with no CoC I receive: [11:57:36] Dairy food making increased by 0.0017 to 56.3903 The above results are with full stamina. Further testing at around 30% stam gives these data: 16.58ql, 74 COC : [12:07:08] Dairy food making increased by 0.0032 to 56.3998 16.28ql, no CoC: [12:06:39] Dairy food making increased by 0.0018 to 56.3966 I really wish I had been more diligent, so I only have a gut feeling to go off of, but none of these gains seem to be any where near as good as before the update. Obviously discounting the fact that its broken. Also nearly all the cheese I produce is 100ql. Pre-update I would have expected mostly junk. Edit: Dunno if its helpful but this info was gathered using Sheep Milk.
  12. Celebration Map

    [15:20:25] You enter Astigmatism View. It didn't go anywhere, I still live there. Thanks
  13. Celebration Map

    Brookhaven x45, y41 and Timberwood x40, y40 are gone Was unable to locate Nature Preserve, but those hills make me dizzy. Also doubt Seraphim Landing x31, y38 is standing. Thanks for sprucing up the map.