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  1. Looks like i need to fix code for this one.. i'll get to it tonight
  2. Changes are complete.. might have to take you up on this
  3. These are done.. So we are good up to March 1.
  4. Sermons are starting back up this weekend close to Summerholt. Anyone interested, please contact me in game, on Discord, or here on the forums.
  5. Map code updated: http://wurmonlinemaps.com/Maps/Xanadu Routes included! (Thanks for your patience) Key press index: D - Toggles on/off deeds S - Toggles on/off starting towns B - Toggles bridges T - Toggles canals and tunnels G - Toggles the grid C - Cycles the map dumps..there's are ten layers now from 2016 to 2018.. Interesting to toggle and see the changes. New repo for the pure Angular code: https://github.com/WefNET/womaps2/ I'll be grinding out the deed changes from this post tomorrow.
  6. Update forthcoming.. Thank you for your patience...
  7. I will get it in the mail this evening and PM you here for further discussion.
  8. Boring JK Banner 1s HoTS Banner 0.5s MR Banner 2s Sexy DD Tall Banner 3s DD Banner 2.5 Black Legion Banner x3 2.5s All sales in silver. All sales for the benefit of Amish Estates, the best communal village on Xanadu.
  9. Wow, that's some sexy work! Congrats!
  10. +1 as long as it can hold 30,000 sandstone shards...
  11. COD me them copper chain pantaloons for 2.5s...
  12. #3 +1 for a hugely disappointing user experience «click» «click» «click»
  13. I have 320 baking stones over 10 ovens.
  14. The contest is complete! Thanks for all participants. I will be messaging the winners on the forum in the next few days to work out the prizes. Top 3 Foal results: Win: Annyil LightningSweet, sired by Ardingly and birthed by Spatula with 140 points. Place (tie): Wulfmaer Minsccoffee, sired by Speckled Jim and birthed by Nexette with 120 points. Place (tie): Khador Dreamhard, sired by Fossil and birthed by Conker with 120 points.