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  1. Save the date! The NEXA alliance are hosting an impalong on Xanadu in November near Summerholt. We are still on!!
  2. COD Jackjones: whetstone, QL100 BOTD90: 90c pelt, QL100 BOTD88: 78c Thank you!
  3. I love this tool! @Locath Would you be willing/able to provide a service layer for recipe generation, like a WebAPI other developers could call from their applications via REST?
  4. That's a fantastic price for pottery bricks...
  5. We are still recruiting... Have a few plots open for players looking for a village.
  6. I can add these inn locations to the Community Map with a specific landmark icon. I'll need the exact coordinates to place these icons. Can we get these?
  7. Hello Deli! I'd be happy to set up an interactive Deli map on wurmonlinemaps.com. Basically I take the map dumps, tile them and code up a sweet map via Open Layers. On top of the map tile layers are various vector layers. For Xanadu: Starter Deeds, Deeds, Canals/Tunnels, Bridges.. Also beta testing a "landmark" layer, with Guard Towers and labels for Bodies of Water. The Xanadu data is stored on a Google Sheets spreadsheet, which makes community map management easy, share-able, instantly updated. I would set up the spreadsheet, and someone awesome from Deli (with a google account) would get perms and make the updates. I realize this is very different from the map experience that you have at the moment. It can get better! Check out the Xanadu map: http://wurmonlinemaps.com/xanadu Someone give my a PM if there's interest. Best, Jackjones
  8. Issue fixed.. This was the fix: https://stackoverflow.com/a/39272002/2792212
  9. Good catch! Fix forthcoming...
  10. Been off work on family leave, so I had time to do some more map development. Here are some new features! Drawing Toolage: Now you can draw directly on the map: points, lines, polygons, circles.. The objects DO NOT persist, and can be a great addition to a screenshot program. Instructions: You figured out Wurm, I think you'll figure this one out too. Anchor Hyperlink: A single-click on the map surface will now copy a return hyperlink into a text box. (This was an old feature that was revived.) The X and Y coords as well as zoom level are recorded for you to pass along map points quickly to your friends. Copy the link and enter it into a browser, and it will return the map to that position.
  11. Ravensbreast? Fixed with: Ravensrest 4718 -3465
  12. Looks like i need to fix code for this one.. i'll get to it tonight