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  1. This frankly sucks... May your bobbers always be bobbing, Tich!
  2. Same stuff, different day for me too.. I can log in, but the world renders slowly and some UI pieces never come in fully. Then I can't move... Comcast, USA here.
  3. I would like wooden coffins, dye-able coffins, and coffins of marble, slate, and sandstone. Also, I would like a "bury" option for coffins with a warning/confirmation that all items inside will be lost. Lastly, the "bury" option for coffins could grant faith exactly like the "sacrifice" option on altars.
  4. Canals? Tunnels? Okay.. I think I changes these data markers correctly.. The Canals and Tunnels thing need a refactor.. maybe after vacation..;)
  5. My best guess is that the Google Sheets API experienced a bit of downtime... could have also been something up with Hostgator. What I need to do is allow the map to render even when the data layer doesn't.
  6. Rune that when applied to an item fixes a random "Improve With" to the item. The material that the runed item needs to be improved is then sticky and does not change via RNG on successful improve actions. Example: Apply rune to sword. Sword is randomly selected to "Improve With" an iron lump. Iron lump is then sticky and does not change after successful improve action. More awesomeness: Since this rune would interrupt the RNG sequence that determines what the "Improve With" is after a successful imp, I propose that the code also checks the skill of the crafter. This could limit the runes effectiveness to crafters with 90 or more skill. What's another check in a sea of thousands? Cause and effect: The need for such a rune comes from this armor-smith's desire to better utilize an imbued hammer with a high WOA. I love it when the pieces I am improving need a hammer for the imp. Those imp rarely fail and are only 6 second actions. Of course runing an entire set of armor to "Improve With" hammer would be expensive, since the rune applies a random "Improve With" item. The math here is staggering, but my calculator showed the odds of sticking an entire set of armor with the same "Improve With" at 1 in 125 or 1 in 356,000 (hey, I'm just a web developer). Because of these high costs, this rune would have spot usage only. This rune would not get much usage for already crafted and enchanted items. In terms of sales, this might not be a very profitable rune to have an an item. I can see it as a rune that crafters put on future sale-able items, just to get QL up, then the rune would be dispelled prior to sale. I can also see this rune used for the personal use of high level crafters. Imagine a weapon-smith with a runed weapon out on an adventure: a sword with a sticky hammer "Improve With" could be tossed in a camp fire and improved quickly, without the need for a forge, water or high quality metals. This rune would be a buff for all high level crafting skills except armor-smithing.
  7. Makes perfect sense to me... stream of consciousness...random collection of thoughts... here the author is complaining to the individual he believes is responsible for saving "his favorite pastime" from destruction.
  8. Sexy.. is there a GIT repo for the source code?
  9. And these are done. Thank you all for your patience. (Excuses: New dad and really screwed up at work recently.)
  10. These late June changes are completed.
  11. Ahh see you are a God on your server.. if someone tries to jack with your map data, you can smite them! I have no such powers...
  12. I check the quota from time to time, and we are well under the limits by a many magnitudes. Also there is not much data in the grand scheme of things. Maybe 500-600 rows of JSON data. We had a fully fledged web application with database and management pages at first, but went the Google Sheet route due to much easier data management interface.
  13. Backup map with no frills: http://jackswurmtools.com/Content/tiles/xan-1801/terrain/openlayers.html
  14. Google Sheet API has been acting inconsistent for a week now. A Google Sheet being our chosen method of managing map point data. Google's service has been up and down (mostly down) without notice and for an unknown reason outside of map code. Not much I can do at the present time without a large data source modification. Thank you for all of your patience in this matter, and I'll let you know when the map is up for good. (Keenan mentioned something amiss with Google 2-factor auth acting funny. While not relevant to this map issue, more proof that Google is not perfect.)
  15. Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! The November NEXAlong is coming soon... Thursday, November 8 through Sunday November 12 at the NEXA Market and Sanctuary just east of Summerholt. Members of the NEXA clan will be on hand to imp anything and everything to 70ql. We'll also have a sermon group, so bring out your priests. Amenities provided: high quality food, beds, and all the free water you can drink! In addition to the typical "impalong" activities, we will have a cadre of games and interesting events. Olaf's Sheep Race In this first of its kind event, players will tame a sheep and make it "go to there". Sparkle's Cart Haul Is it rocks shards? Is it sand? Be the fastest hauler in this timed drag race. Pin the Rock on the "Pony" Who has deadly aim and can shoot a catapult with the utmost precision? I bet you do. *It's not a pony And so much more... We'll see you there!
  16. Save the date! The NEXA alliance are hosting an impalong on Xanadu in November near Summerholt. We are still on!!