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  1. Looking for a meditation rug and 2 sheets.. 40ql target on all. How much would that set me back?
  2. Hello Carbon, Courier please, S13 on the southern coast, at a deed named "Lost in the Woods". In game as Delilahjones.
  3. Hahha terrible names!!! And lovely, not-in-game, troll raid "key art".
  4. UI looks great, but where is the menu bar?? The menu bar changes you have made have ruined hot-swappable key board configs, like: Any considerations made for these types of configs?
  5. This is awesome!! Congrats on finishing it off!
  6. 2020 Map dumps are live: http://wurmonlinemaps.com/xanadu
  7. Ron died, his deed fell, and the looters came. They started camping his decaying buildings with eager eyes on Ron's prodigious loot. (His deed was one of the oldest on Xanadu after all.) What they didn't count on was the NEXA clan. We guarded our lost friend's treasure. We entered a cat and mouse game with the vultures, putting up new fences and bashing the looter's fences. We stood, vigilant, in hopes that when the walls fell, we would be there first. In the end, what the pirates didn't count on was the generosity of Rapidron, the man, the legend. On Thursday night, one of our clan members realized he had access to the buildings. Rapidron lived on in the Wurm permission settings! The clan teamed together and squared away all of Ron's stuff, protecting it... If I could have only seen the faces of the looters when they logged in to find the houses empty. (They had a wagon in one house, just waiting for the walls to fall.) This is a story of good vs. evil, better than a Star Wars trilogy! At the ultimate conclusion, it was friendship that won out! We will auction off Ron's stuff, in clan, and donate the proceeds to an animal-focused charity. Ron loved his animals, after all...
  8. Nice try!! Seems like an easy fix: prevent buildings from being planned or built on tiles with planted objects. This will only affect the looters, who, if they really want some object, can deed and loot once the buildings have fallen.
  9. The NEXA clan was saddened to hear of the passing of one of our own, Rapidron, aka Jakesully, back in October. Obituary Ron was founder of a "Day One" Xanadu deed, Port Heidoho, named after his chihuahua. He was an important member of our community, with a noble spirit exemplified by kindness, generosity, and wisdom. Within NEXA, Ron was always happy to lend a hand on member projects or participate in our community events. The knowledge of his death came as quite a surprise, and only a few days after his deed fell from upkeep. (Rot in hell vultures..) We know that he loved Wurm Online, because he kept coming back, much like the rest of us. We loved you too, Ron. Rest-in-peace, Brother. 2019 October <Rapidron> lovely today I am
  10. yellow mushroom... hotfix and 5 hours sb please
  11. 1) I like balls... 2) Thanks for the assist, Dale! 3) Thanks all for the patience...
  12. I'd like a solution that allows fast travel around a huge server, like Xanadu. We already have the double hop sailing kludge to get to the other side, so why not something else. (Not everyone cares to spend their precious gaming time on a boat.) Could have rift event portals and then return portals to starter towns near the rift beacon. Portals are just like priest summons, except you can get back home easier. This could make it easier for people that want to rift, but can't due to travel constraints. Love the portal "charging" idea, and I'd like some kind of crafting item sink. Imagine having to sacrifice "12 rare spindles"! (why do i have 5 of these?)
  13. Hey Jotz-ey, Love to have you back! Things are a bit slow, but I'm sure we can get you on somewhere. If not AE, I can take you on my deed that is geared to generate lots of favor with a little effort (~500 tiles for corn).
  14. Gofs' design skill are tremendous. He did a huge plan for me in less than two days. I can't design anything, and I am very glad to have something extra special I can sink my game time into. It will take months to realize, so screenshots will have to wait.
  15. Mountain Naming?

    Still have to recover the old landmark layer...you waited 12 months for map dumps.. give me 6?
  16. Thank gods for map dumps.. Can't complain too much for that... Can these come out on 21 December next year?
  17. Everybody say Map Dumps, Map Dumps, Map Dumps!!!
  18. Huge thanks to Alyeska and Xallo for donating the proceeds from a recent dragon scale sale!
  19. Sorry for the late reply, but yes, donated items can be mailed to me, Jackjones. Also, a credit card can be used for small cash donations on the fundraising site: https://fundraise.cancerresearch.org/fundraiser/1809564