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  1. 25 minutes ago, kitamin said:

    650 841

    Olmans Lake View


    25 minutes ago, Alendhor said:

    Sapphire Lake located in the NE corner of M23. Coords are 1271, 668. 


    25 minutes ago, Brotteil said:



    26 minutes ago, Evilreaper said:

    Fortress of Death 722, 877


    14 minutes ago, Dresden said:

    957, 947


    Blood Bay Harbor


    Added these 5...

  2. 10 minutes ago, DioSan said:

    1350, 526




    10 minutes ago, Chez said:

    I think you might have missed my post, sorry I know you'll be super busy!! :)


    It's "Serenia" at 999,468


    I'm sorry, I did miss this... you're in!!


    10 minutes ago, Rebelord said:






    8 minutes ago, Quicktor said:

    806,  758


    Dusseldorf, has a merchant and a mailbox



  3. 9 minutes ago, Moxie said:

    1082, 780. Harmony Cove. Thanks so much!! ❤️



    6 minutes ago, Tpikol said:

    correcting myself because i got it wrong, candy cove is more like "864, 316".

    No prob.. Fixed!


    3 minutes ago, Airborn said:

    676, 451 Quiet Mountain Town 


  4. 1 hour ago, validate said:

    waterdeep coords 806,375,  Darkhold Port 816,386  ,Zhentil Keep 817,394    and huge thank you.  any map for now is better then no map.  i know some dont want it. but it's over 2 weeks now. trades and getting around to each others deeds to help out. we need this.   oh and please name Heartland Cove  there.  had a pool open and 90% voted it. oh and the roads are in.  if your going to add the roads too. or wait for dump map.  xmas sounds like time line for that.




    These are DONE!


    Congrats on being the first...

  5. Map Updates


    • Highways! Post array of points along the path of your 2+ lane highways. Sample: [711,1021], [711,976], [735,976], [740,970], [743,970]
    • Fixed the deed marker text to make it more readable.


    • Updated the deed colors to be more readable for people with color vision deficiencies.
    • Added Harmony link to home page.
    • Fixed extreme zoom on "goto deed" selector (bottom left).


    How to submit a highway?

    I need an array of map points to draw the line for highways. Sample: [711,1021], [711,976], [735,976], [740,970], [743,970]

    Highway are currently unnamed.


    How to submit a bridge or a tunnel / canal?

    I need two map points to draw one of these features. For tunnels, let me know if it's also a canal and if it's open to all boats.

    Also, feel free to name these things too.


    Can we submit roads?

    While currently not a feature, if you want to send me an array of coordinates that make up a road, I will see what I can do to render it on the map.


    Can we submit other features?

    Not quite yet. I may add support for Bodies of Water initially. After that anything goes.


    How do I get me deed OFF the map?

    This is an "opt-in" map. If you want your deed removed, please post here or PM.


    What happens when a real map dump gets released from the Wurm Online team?

    I will commit to resetting all the map points. Hopefully I can find some mathematical formula to translate.

  6. We are setting up a Community Map, just like the one we manage on Xanadu (and Pristine).




    We can start collecting data points now!


    1. Find your deed,
    2. Hover mouse over your deed location,
    3. Post your deed name and the coordinates found in the upper right hand corner of the map.


    Example: (my deed is at 719, 1018)



    Let's get this thing started!

  7. Ron died, his deed fell, and the looters came. They started camping his decaying buildings with eager eyes on Ron's prodigious loot. (His deed was one of the oldest on Xanadu after all.)


    What they didn't count on was the NEXA clan. We guarded our lost friend's treasure. We entered a cat and mouse game with the vultures, putting up new fences and bashing the looter's fences. We stood, vigilant, in hopes that when the walls fell, we would be there first.


    In the end, what the pirates didn't count on was the generosity of Rapidron, the man, the legend. On Thursday night, one of our clan members realized he had access to the buildings. Rapidron lived on in the Wurm permission settings! The clan teamed together and squared away all of Ron's stuff, protecting it...


    If I could have only seen the faces of the looters when they logged in to find the houses empty. (They had a wagon in one house, just waiting for the walls to fall.) 


    This is a story of good vs. evil, better than a Star Wars trilogy!  At the ultimate conclusion, it was friendship that won out!



    We will auction off Ron's stuff, in clan, and donate the proceeds to an animal-focused charity. Ron loved his animals, after all...