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  1. All set. Ohh fancy "Market" text match orange outline:
  2. Done! I'm sorry, I did miss this... you're in!! Done! Done!
  3. 648,955 Fishermen Point Ohh, the rhino horn!! I'm Lost in the Woods
  4. Done! No prob.. Fixed! Done!
  5. These are DONE! Congrats on being the first...
  6. Map Updates 24.08.2020 Highways! Post array of points along the path of your 2+ lane highways. Sample: [711,1021], [711,976], [735,976], [740,970], [743,970] Fixed the deed marker text to make it more readable. 15.08.2020 Updated the deed colors to be more readable for people with color vision deficiencies. Added Harmony link to home page. Fixed extreme zoom on "goto deed" selector (bottom left). How to submit a highway? I need an array of map points to draw the line for highways. Sample: [711,1021], [711,976], [735,976], [740,970], [743,970] Highway are currently unnamed. How to submit a bridge or a tunnel / canal? I need two map points to draw one of these features. For tunnels, let me know if it's also a canal and if it's open to all boats. Also, feel free to name these things too. Can we submit roads? While currently not a feature, if you want to send me an array of coordinates that make up a road, I will see what I can do to render it on the map. Can we submit other features? Not quite yet. I may add support for Bodies of Water initially. After that anything goes. How do I get me deed OFF the map? This is an "opt-in" map. If you want your deed removed, please post here or PM. What happens when a real map dump gets released from the Wurm Online team? I will commit to resetting all the map points. Hopefully I can find some mathematical formula to translate.
  7. We are setting up a Community Map, just like the one we manage on Xanadu (and Pristine). http://wurmonlinemaps.com/harmony We can start collecting data points now! Find your deed, Hover mouse over your deed location, Post your deed name and the coordinates found in the upper right hand corner of the map. Example: (my deed is at 719, 1018) Let's get this thing started!
  8. Hello again, Carb!! Can you COD to Delilahjones: a 50ql toolbelt, a bridle, and a saddle bag please?
  9. Looking for a meditation rug and 2 sheets.. 40ql target on all. How much would that set me back?
  10. Hello Carbon, Courier please, S13 on the southern coast, at a deed named "Lost in the Woods". In game as Delilahjones.
  11. Hahha terrible names!!! And lovely, not-in-game, troll raid "key art".
  12. UI looks great, but where is the menu bar?? The menu bar changes you have made have ruined hot-swappable key board configs, like: Any considerations made for these types of configs?
  13. This is awesome!! Congrats on finishing it off!
  14. 2020 Map dumps are live: http://wurmonlinemaps.com/xanadu