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  1. Done! Done, and you're welcome! Done!
  2. Done! Done! Done! Done! (There's two of these, not far from each other)
  3. None, just HTML, JS, and CSS... what browser are you using? Also try a Ctrl+F5 in case of cached data.
  4. Had some bad data in the table of deeds... should be back now.
  5. Done! Done! Done! @Alendhorthanks for the fix. I messed up! Done! All done! Done! You're welcome. Done! Done! Done!
  6. Fixed! Sorry I must have fat fingered it. Done! All set, and gave this the Market flag.
  7. Thank you for the details.
  8. Done, done, and done! Flagged last one as Market
  9. Map code updated: Fixed "goto" deed feature (bottom left). BUG: It goes to the deed alright. It fills the entire screen with the deed. Added: Canals! 35 deeds so far, 1 canal. Keep up the great work!
  10. Done! Done, and thank you!
  11. Added Lake Kwu, please double check coords... Canals / Tunnels coming a bit later (1-2 days), but I added your data points. @onefoxIs this just a boat tunnel, or is there a cart path? Also, are all boats accessible?
  12. It's back! My fault. I forgot how the thing worked and had to recheck the code.