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  1. 20 hours ago, Xehtran said:

    Teaghlach (has merchant, trader, and mailbox)

    coords: 1189, 1009


    Rosebush Meadow

    coords: 1186, 989


    17 hours ago, Ailorn said:

    Duskwood (Has a Merchant)

    1182, 978


    17 hours ago, Aerinwold said:

    Novum Vermis 1244, 215


    12 hours ago, Zothar said:

    806, 1064

    Hommiton Harbor


    10 hours ago, Matchup said:

    989,818 Kaldaros


    8 hours ago, Hewpers said:

    1012, 463 (I Believe) Happy Shores


    Thank you.


    2 hours ago, RavenLure said:

    This is where I am at   891, 698     >>>>>>>>Please Add. Thank youjSsdvs8.png


    1 hour ago, Beaupeep said:

    Please add


    The Grand Sheep Conspiracy and Wolf Co.


    Coordinates Approx. 1216, 200


    (has mailbox)




    All done with these...

  2. 1 hour ago, Drastox said:

    902 , 704 Kaer Almhult




    16 minutes ago, Merikou said:

    Whatever Lagoon is at 648, 963. Directly next to Fishermen Point. Thank you ❤️

    Edit: I'm not sure if you need size but 56x40 and something like this for picture but its not wonderfully accurate >w< 

      Reveal hidden contents




    Done, and howdy neighbor!


  3. 2 hours ago, Kellen said:



    Emberwynn Harbor

    Coords: 520, 393




    42 minutes ago, Aurindy said:

    Crimson Vengeance (865, 305)





    11 minutes ago, Harosa said:

    The Burning Loins

    (1259, 627)



  4. 4 hours ago, phennexion said:

    Verdant Bay

    1039, 754


    3 hours ago, Teyola said:




    2 hours ago, Aeradan said:

    Thunder Bay

    1302, 425


    2 hours ago, Lei said:

    Scarborough - (1291, 414)


    2 hours ago, kronic said:

    Krondor is at 740, 1033


    1 hour ago, Atrayu said:

    815, 675




    Done and done!

  5. 6 hours ago, Enuf said:

    Might an odd request (and not something really important).

    BUT is there anyway to change the red square to yellow like Exodus/Deli/Melody map? I'm colourblind and cannot see the red square until I zoom right in.
    It's nice to see the squares at a glance vs just the names.


    @EnufThis does seem pretty important. I'll will change the deed color for all my WO maps to a more friendly yellow with the next release.


    After a little research, turns on the green map and the red deed squares break the first rule:  https://www.tableau.com/about/blog/2016/4/examining-data-viz-rules-dont-use-red-green-together-53463


    Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

  6. 15 hours ago, Dellaca said:

    818, 848




    8 hours ago, Satch said:

    Hardhome (835, 1045)


    7 hours ago, Nessime said:

    Wellfleet (484, 448)

    Frenchman's Bend (481, 454)

    Rodnoy Bereg (480, 459)

    Forgotten In The Woods (478, 465)



    7 hours ago, Cecci said:

    777,735 New Falun


    These are in too...

  7. 21 hours ago, borindak said:

    1212, 852 Chestnut Refuge


    18 hours ago, polarbear said:

    Phlegethon Paradise 571, 705


    17 hours ago, ANartikov said:

    853,941 Mydreamland


    16 hours ago, Hwesta said:

    840, 382

    Unicorn Rock


    15 hours ago, Luttuosa said:

    Harmony Bay Market, just east of the Capital; the yellow line is an highway, already with waystone and catseyes, connecting our deed to Harmony Bay; The Mayor is Davihh, in Harmony I am Luttuosaa


    These are in.. Sorry electricity was out all last night until 1630h today. Trying to catch up.

  8. 11 hours ago, Oneandonlyjimmy said:

    880, 805





    10 hours ago, Skrofler said:

    787, 760

    Stormdragon Peak Gates




    8 hours ago, Seriphothas said:

    850,382 Zwergenbucht




    7 hours ago, Paralytic713 said:

    795,740 Athendale




    3 hours ago, April said:

    1118, 600


    The More Work Less Dying Sanctuary.




    3 hours ago, kazthegreat said:

    Coastal Breeze

    797, 189


    Done, with Market flag..



    Also canal added.

  9. 14 hours ago, Serzane said:

    Serzania's Mountain Pass Tavern N 17. in the center between the 2 small hills.  (Note, I am in the process of building a highway through the pass) I am trying to steer clear and/or consult with neighbors.   


    @Serzane I'm going to need the map coords from the community ma itself. Hover over you deed location on map and post your coords that appear in the upper right hand corner.

  10. 11 hours ago, Dreux said:

    Morningdew Harbour @ 1159, 663 


    10 hours ago, Carbon said:

    1155, 287


    Dystopian Shores




    9 hours ago, Taranis said:

    901, 861





    9 hours ago, kordethbludscythe said:

    i should mention that Bludscythe Steading does have merchant venders up and running



    Okay, "Market" flag set


    7 hours ago, nachtiti said:

    976, 217 Notilla Harbour




    3 hours ago, EndymionS said:

    Potato Field (880:266)




    2 hours ago, balsimar said:

    795, 590 - New Edensburgh




    2 hours ago, Hackett said:


    City on the Coast




    2 hours ago, Rohsz said:

    Calenparth: 1222, 802



  11. 6 hours ago, Garnetstar said:

    Hi can you fix the placement on this?

    NAME: Wandermere
    Location: 552,411





    5 hours ago, Baenre said:

    Dorter @ 961,426
    Trader + Mailbox + Wagoner as soon as we connect




    5 hours ago, Renzal said:



    Kobold Korner.



  12. 11 minutes ago, LumpyGravy said:

    Don't forget to add the canal - there is a land bridge there now


    I jacked up the coords for the canal.. it was showing up at the bottom of the map ;)


    Guess it's time for bed.

  13. 16 minutes ago, LumpyGravy said:

    1240 614      Covid Memorial Market

    & Covid Memorial Canal

    Also a trader and wagoneer (hope is the trader and wagoneer's name in honor of and remembrance of my MOM RIP Covid-19 Kills)


    Deed in!


    My condolences about your mother, Hope.

  14. 3 hours ago, Object said:

    The Yeet Station 920, 809

    Doggo Lake Tunnel is 920, 805 to 911, 805 (boat canal for knarrs and under)

    Almus 900, 810 (my alliance buddy who wants to be added to the map as well)


    I also vote for the body of water that I'm on and Harmony Bay is on to be named Doggo Lake.


    These are in, and yes, will get a landmark tag on that lake as "Doggo Lake"!


    57 minutes ago, Ashta said:

    My deed Veritas is at 1219, 965. Thanks




    26 minutes ago, Vengus said:

    515, 875 Stonehaven