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  1. COD to JackJones.. the lowest cost item still available from the list. This will make a great villager gift, in celebration of completion of a giant deed fence. Thanks, JJ
  2. I'm the buyer.. Smooth transaction.. great communication. I had a WU account already, so that helped. Overall, the transaction cost me 59.99usd. (52 plus 7.99 transaction fee). The transaction fee was more than I though it would cost, but still worth in to get those fat stacks of silver in my possession. Thanks, Xerx! Best, JJ
  3. Please COD an 80+ COC meditation rug to jackjones.. Thanks, JJ
  4. Group 3 Skiller shovel with COC Group 4 iron Longsword 79.84ql with enchants COD to jackjones Thanks, JJ
  5. How close is this to Summerholt? ((Not near a map, sorry)) JJ
  6. I'm sure you'll sell these, but why do your gold coins command a 10% premium?
  7. Good luck with your quest.. and congratulations on survival!
  8. COC items please, any QL: Hatchet Mallet Rope Tool Needle To JackJones COD Thanks!
  9. Still looking.. I'd buy 1.5g now for 150 euros..
  10. Please COD next highest to JackJones. Gracias!
  11. This needs to happen by Saturday afternoon in USA time.. pm/ig jackjones