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  1. Thunderdagger is killing it! We are very happy with the progress. He's going to be done by this evening, then we can continue our sweetening of our new village hunting lodge. Here's an updated shot:
  2. Sold

    Sorry.. English major ))
  3. Sold

    18s for both? Did you mean 19s each?
  4. We have roughly 5,000 dirts to move around a 13x9 area located not far from Summerholt on Xanadu (G22). 1s per 1k dirt.. (Yes, you can have the dirt..) It's an 11x11 deed that we'd like flattened, and we'd like the first tile of perimeter flattened out as well. We have one side finished, which will serve as the target flatness. We've made a good start on the flattening, but it's been too time consuming for us lazy middle aged Americans. I'm usually online at 0000 GMT until 0300 GMT as JackJones, or PM me here. Here's the map:
  5. 23ql rake CoC 71 25c Whetstone 95ql WoA 49 CoC 71 50c Both to JackJones plz
  6. Bump for one of those good guys...
  7. Thanks cool kids at Opelika... TIme to pray...))
  8. Title says it all... Can meet later today. Will make it worth you time and travel. (mmm spider casserole!) Contact in Wurm... JackJones
  9. Grooming brush, birch 5.08 coc82 1.04 Send to JackJones Thanks!
  10. close

    Another one, Elf?!?