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  1. We are holding the sermon group again tonight at 730pm Eastern time at the chapel in the Summerholt Market, seconds from Summerholt. Bring out your priest or your followers! Lets get some faith.
  2. We started this sermon group and saw some faith and alignment gains last night. We are going to try again on Thursday evening at 7:30pm Eastern time.
  3. I want to start our sermon group this week. Stay tuned for a new post about the Summerholt Sermon group!
  4. That would be great, WG, to have someone with your experience.. The beds in the Inn are at least 20 tiles away, if not more.
  5. We are proud to announce the beginning of an organized sermon group located just east of Summerholt at the Summerholt Market. The market is accessible via land or sea and has a chapel toward the water side where we will hold our sermons. The Summerholt Sermon Sessions begin Thursday, May 3rd, at 1930 (7:30pm) Eastern Time in the ole US of A. (GMT -4). Feel free to gather ahead of time and start when 7 or more participants are ready. We are hoping to cater to a world-wide audience so that once us Yanks go to bed, the Aussie, Asian, Russian (Spasibo!), and eventually the European players can continue the awesomeness. Let's get into rhythm! Sermon Rules: All Participants: There are limits to what you can do while waiting your turn. (i.e. You can't perform actions that cause alignment changes.) Be prepared to wait long hours for your turn. Preachers: Priests of any religion are able to hold a sermon. (Sorry, no followers can preach.) Once you give a sermon, you must wait at least 3 hours to sermon again. Listeners: Within the group, you will spend most of your time as a listener. A minimum of 6 listeners for a sermon are required for the best faith gains and for the prayer/faith per day reset mechanism. Valid listeners are: Priests or followers of any religion with premium accounts Priests or followers that have NOT had an alignment change in the 30 minutes from the last sermon Stand within 4 tiles of the preacher. Not aboard a cart or wagon. The List: A list will be maintained at all times to determine the order of the priests giving the next sermon. Once you have given your sermon, you will be placed at the end of the list. As a preacher, you must wait at least 3 hours to sermon again. The person controlling the list must be present and not AFK to help manage the sermons. You must pass the list when you are logging out or AFK for more than 30 minutes. The Countdown: Once a sermon is completed, the next valid sermon can be done in 30 minutes. The person managing the list will also need to keep track of the timing for the next sermon. As preachers, it's up to you to track that you haven't given a sermon in the last 3 hours. Notes on Alignment: Sermons will cause both the preacher and listener's alignment to go up. If it doesn't go up, the listener does not count as a valid listener. It is then very important not to do anything while standing around waiting the might cause an alignment change. Valid Tasks for Waiting: Emotes, Talking, Channeling?, Other things that more seasoned preachers will post below.
  6. But..I..has..a...surname... Jackjones Jones
  7. Please close, thanks to Archaed and Jothebard!
  8. I have an imbued Hatchet at 50 Woodcutting that I'd like to imbue up as far as it can go... Please send a PM with how much and how fast you can turn this around. .
  9. Amish Estates is a wonderful place and is highly recommended for new and old players alike who need a friendly home base. Ani is a smart, witty and charming mayor with a lot of experience. She's highly available and takes care of her loyal villagers.
  10. I'm trying to pull a ship navigable tunnel from a mine entrance, but not sure how to accomplish. I have the entrance open into water, but no clue what to do next. The corners at the entrance are "too hard to mine". How do I lower? About 5 tiles behind me is a canal dug down to water over dirt.
  11. Registration is now closed.... Best of luck!
  12. Meeting spot: Summerholt Market, or west side of Summerholt. (up the hill) The Fight: The fight location will be posted. It's about a 5-10 minute march. We will organize carts for alts. She is in a mine here: Alt Parking: Alts can be parked near the deed corner, by the Shop Sign (Skull and Crossbones) along the main road. (South-East corner) Observers: Please stay behind the staging area signs. Fighters: The fight will happen on deed, in a narrow corridor beyond the staging area signs and before the guard tower and mine entrance. The "Pull" Fight Captain, Vortexxx, will pull the beast from its mine lair... Please double check your roles in the spreadsheet: https://www.dropbox.com/s/my8lmyhz05uvwem/Hatchling%20Tracking.xlsx?dl=0 Best wishes, JJ
  13. I found the White Dragon Hatchling unique last night near one of my deeds. [06:41:46] The venerable white dragon hatchling moves in to attack you. She is safely stored away in a locked mine. Basic Details: Time: Saturday, November 14 at 9am (Chicago time (Central Standard Time) UTC/GMT -6 hours) Meeting Place: Summerholt Market (next to Summerholt). Limitations: See below. How To Join: Post here until 30 minutes before the fight. Fighter List Thus Far: https://www.dropbox.com/s/my8lmyhz05uvwem/Hatchling%20Tracking.xlsx?dl=0 Important Details: Fighters: 70 fight skill required, 70ql weapon, 40 skill in the appropriate weapon skill, and wearing appropriate armor. You must get credit on the Twitter or be active in fight log. Please put on your 70 or 90 fight skill title. Fo priests who can cast Light of Fo are welcome to sign up as well. Bystanders: Everyone is welcome to show up for blood and scale. If you want to swing at the uniques then make sure you read the rules below. Fight Rules: We want as many people as possible to get credit for the kill, and thus the following rules apply: Fighters must back out after landing a hit. (Watch your combat log for hits or set a custom filter in the Wurm Assistant.) Bystanders must back away after a swing, even if you don't hit. Swinging at the target is enough to get on the kill list and get the title. Alts are not allowed to swing. We'll be doing a combat log check after the fight. Noted slackers will be removed from the loot raffle. Loot: The hatchling's corpse is reserved, and then all other loot will be raffled among the fighters who are signed up with appropriate skills. We will kill the hatchling first and then raffle all the loot at once afterwards. Each person is limited to one raffle spot and at most one loot item. Valrei items are considered one item per charge. I will be posting a map to the exact location of the mine at exactly 30 minutes prior to the event. Best of Luck, Mr. Jack Jones Edit: Added timer and time zone details, and rules, loots options, link to the spreadsheet..
  14. Nice! Saving my silver for Xmas though...
  15. And I was right... My location, once desolate, is now teeming with new blood.