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  1. Want to sell my birchwood knarr: 50+ QL ~50 QL Lock Mooring anchor included 7.5 silvers from Summerholt 8 silvers to any coast
  2. I took a couple nights off from the game and created an MVC web app that parses Deed Planner XML data and outputs SVG tags representing the tiles, trees, and walls. Yeah, it's 2D for now. 3D might be out of my league... There are ~12,000 lines of XML in my *.MAP file The code generates over 17,000 lines of SVG Because SVG can be class targeted, I can toggle types of object on/off with simple jquery. The top is west because I had to invert my coordinate model. Initially the map was a mirror image. Once my little project was done, and I had some time to look at my deed map from this perspective, I was able to see a bunch of Wurm projects that I need to focus on: Finish my intra-deed round cobble walking paths Finish my animal pens Grass up some packed dirt my animals packed down Get rid of some cobblestone walkways Other cool things I noticed: The scattering of random lemons near my 12 x 6 grove of lemon trees My J reversed J cobble stone floor decoration looks like an anchor.
  3. I'm working on a deed mapper of my own using the XML data that you can pull down from your deed token. My question is about walls. Per tile object, it looks like only two walls are noted per tile. That makes sense to prevent duplication, but what walls are targeted? hWall, is this the top border? vWall, is this the left border? Sample XML: <tile height="-200.99998" x="12" y="32"> <ground id="pd"/> <level value="0"> <hWall id="sWindow"/> <vWall id="wArch"/> </level> </tile> I have plenty more questions coming. Please tell me if this is the right forum for this. Thanks. JJ
  4. I'm working on an app that parses log directories and shows various charts and graphs about the data found within.
  5. Thrilling and relevant to your existence:: Skil Gain Total Skill Fighting +51.0261 72.2121 Longsword +48.0015 72.7985 Leatherworking +41.855 43.588 Jewelry smithing +39.4384 42.6944 Blacksmithing +33.1766 62.4426 Normal fighting +33.0792 52.7132 Digging +28.5100 72.6490 Faith +27.5596 28.4506 Gardening +25.0190 37.8960 Forestry +23.9973 39.5933 Shovel +23.8668 54.7658 Smithing +23.7706 39.4506 Sickle +23.5833 35.4993 Hatchet +23.0099 61.0549 Shield smithing +22.917 30.054 Woodcutting +22.4871 68.8631 Small wooden shield +20.8206 24.2446 Carving knife +19.8832 47.2152 Cloth tailoring +18.4578 51.5938 Ship building +18.0090 53.9290 Fine carpentry +17.3437 59.7707 Axes +16.1161 48.2621 Animal husbandry +15.7455 37.2025 Repairing +15.1912 41.4382 Paving +14.6411 39.0671 Toy making +14.4232 15.6162 Coal-making +14.4020 21.8610 Hammer +14.2623 66.4353 Butchering +13.6601 23.6811 Carpentry +13.3975 86.9145 Swords +12.9400 26.6610 Tailoring +12.4493 26.5953 Miscellaneous items +12.4358 61.8138 Chain armour smithing +12.079 16.024 Nature +11.4150 37.9130 Body +11.1408 40.3038 Ropemaking +10.5012 29.6862 Pottery +10.308 11.901 Prayer +9.6279 10.9869 Masonry +9.4362 59.8792 Weapon smithing +9.4065 21.4145 Knives +9.1354 25.9644 Body strength +8.9900 36.9080 Body control +8.8964 34.9294 Fletching +8.8921 40.3221 Farming +8.8919 51.2609 Weapon heads smithing +8.6572 17.1292 Plate armour smithing +8.470 9.683 Archery +8.4468 21.3342 Mind logic +8.0179 38.4249 First aid +7.8368 32.1668 Shields +7.5595 11.3435 Meditating +7.4290 14.8940 Saw +7.0932 23.1532 Mind +6.9325 32.8625 Natural substances +6.7945 18.5505 Rake +6.7567 36.3527 Armour smithing +6.6712 10.1042 Prospecting +6.6087 30.9547 Firemaking +6.0816 17.9266 Mining +5.8613 57.3993 Pickaxe +5.5772 60.6282 Stone chisel +5.2292 22.9452 Body stamina +5.1874 29.7734 Blades smithing +5.0826 26.6126 Medium bow +5.0211 7.2899 Stone cutting +4.7282 35.8072 Healing +4.6158 15.5548 Cooking +4.4717 12.1147 Religion +4.0755 5.1475 Hot food cooking +3.9604 17.4214 Soul strength +3.5898 26.6768 Shield bashing +3.4477 4.7267 Metallurgy +3.211 4.943 Soul +3.1523 24.4303 Yoyo +3.100 4.334 Locksmithing +3.0997 6.2827 Defensive fighting +3.0174 27.6724 Aggressive fighting +3.007 15.579 Climbing +2.6950 10.9290 Alchemy +2.5889 7.9649 Soul depth +2.3272 24.2742 Favor +2.1887 28.4506 Weaponless fighting +1.6354 21.3534 Animal taming +1.4729 7.8649 Toys +1.423 2.505 Foraging +1.2168 17.1638 Fishing +1.0772 13.7622 Mind speed +0.9637 21.7307 Botanizing +0.9604 14.5574 Long bow +0.9536 1.9949 Huge club +0.3935 1.4595 Scythe +0.266 4.742 Taunting +0.086 2.571 Polearms +0.0486 1.0646 Alignment +0.0000 100.0000 Staff +0.0000 1.0824 Bowyery +0.0000 40.9737 Tracking +0.0 4.0 Thatching +0.000 1.165
  6. Here we go again, tonight at 7:30PM Eastern Time... Also looking for a backup sermon overlord, because sermons are hell..
  7. Doing this tonight.. get thee to the Summerholt Market Chapel ASAP!!
  8. Send the 16.50ql (CoC49) Hatchet to me for 49c?
  9. We will be back tomorrow night, (Thursday the 12th) at 7:30pm Eastern. Let's get ready to sermoooooonnnn..!
  10. We are going to try this again tonight, however, my two characters and a handful of others will be AFK nearly the entire evening. If someone else would like to manage the priest list, the timers, etc, feel free to come by and get a sermon in while you have the listeners! Otherwise, I plan to return Sunday evening to sermon.
  11. We are holding the sermon group again tonight at 730pm Eastern time at the chapel in the Summerholt Market, seconds from Summerholt. Bring out your priest or your followers! Lets get some faith.
  12. We started this sermon group and saw some faith and alignment gains last night. We are going to try again on Thursday evening at 7:30pm Eastern time.
  13. I want to start our sermon group this week. Stay tuned for a new post about the Summerholt Sermon group!
  14. That would be great, WG, to have someone with your experience.. The beds in the Inn are at least 20 tiles away, if not more.
  15. We are proud to announce the beginning of an organized sermon group located just east of Summerholt at the Summerholt Market. The market is accessible via land or sea and has a chapel toward the water side where we will hold our sermons. The Summerholt Sermon Sessions begin Thursday, May 3rd, at 1930 (7:30pm) Eastern Time in the ole US of A. (GMT -4). Feel free to gather ahead of time and start when 7 or more participants are ready. We are hoping to cater to a world-wide audience so that once us Yanks go to bed, the Aussie, Asian, Russian (Spasibo!), and eventually the European players can continue the awesomeness. Let's get into rhythm! Sermon Rules: All Participants: There are limits to what you can do while waiting your turn. (i.e. You can't perform actions that cause alignment changes.) Be prepared to wait long hours for your turn. Preachers: Priests of any religion are able to hold a sermon. (Sorry, no followers can preach.) Once you give a sermon, you must wait at least 3 hours to sermon again. Listeners: Within the group, you will spend most of your time as a listener. A minimum of 6 listeners for a sermon are required for the best faith gains and for the prayer/faith per day reset mechanism. Valid listeners are: Priests or followers of any religion with premium accounts Priests or followers that have NOT had an alignment change in the 30 minutes from the last sermon Stand within 4 tiles of the preacher. Not aboard a cart or wagon. The List: A list will be maintained at all times to determine the order of the priests giving the next sermon. Once you have given your sermon, you will be placed at the end of the list. As a preacher, you must wait at least 3 hours to sermon again. The person controlling the list must be present and not AFK to help manage the sermons. You must pass the list when you are logging out or AFK for more than 30 minutes. The Countdown: Once a sermon is completed, the next valid sermon can be done in 30 minutes. The person managing the list will also need to keep track of the timing for the next sermon. As preachers, it's up to you to track that you haven't given a sermon in the last 3 hours. Notes on Alignment: Sermons will cause both the preacher and listener's alignment to go up. If it doesn't go up, the listener does not count as a valid listener. It is then very important not to do anything while standing around waiting the might cause an alignment change. Valid Tasks for Waiting: Emotes, Talking, Channeling?, Other things that more seasoned preachers will post below.
  16. But..I..has..a...surname... Jackjones Jones
  17. Please close, thanks to Archaed and Jothebard!