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  1. Papyrus Making ONLY 1.852.. Pffft...
  2. [20:00:05] <Jackjones> oh noes, my character is low in niacin!!!!
  3. You're welcome! A few answers: I have heard that roads will be more visible in the PNG of the new map dumps (whenever then come out), which eliminates our need to show them programmatically. As far as links directly to map positions.. I love that idea.. I'll put it on the list. I'm planning improvements, just lack the time currently.
  4. Updated the opacity of tunnels to 80%. They should be better visible now.
  5. New roof type.. can be made from planks or metal sheets... high level carpentry required to build..
  6. Ageless Tunnel has been added!
  7. Canal/Tunnel have been released!!! We need a good variety of details about each canal and/or tunnel: Starting and End coordinate pairs. Is is a Tunnel? Is it a Canal? (It can be both). If a Canal, does it accept All Boats? (else Knarrs only).. I've also added an "L" control that brings up a legend (in a modal) that describes the Canal/Tunnel types and their formatted drawings.
  8. Changes made, with the exception of the tunnel..I still need to code this and push it up to the server.
  9. All removed as requested, and added Agartha..
  10. Hey neighbor!

    1. Atheline


      Hey, sugar!   Sorry I have been distracted with my bridge project, dredging and fretting about depth.   BTW be sure to visit the Northeast side of my deed and tell me what you think of the progress.  Marble bridge across to new mountain mine should be up very soon. For now,  all should be able to pass in a circle around my island with a knarr.  So, what's up with you?  How's your deed coming along?

  11. Yes, this is in the works for all the possible combos you mentioned. Hold tight. I will have something ready by the end of today or tomorrow.
  12. Canals/Tunnels functionality is now in preview (there's two in the NE area).
  13. Map Feature Added: Search/Find/Goto... Click the "F" on the left hand side to bring up the "I Want To Go To There" prompt.