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  1. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jackswurmtools.app I've coded up an Android app for Wurm Online, with the following features: Access key details about Wurm Online, including server status, current Wurm Online time and weather (wind), server login counts, harvest timings (including hops, hazelnuts, oranges, and pine nuts), latest village founds/disbands. Also included are charts tracking key details about your favorite Wurm Online home server, including village counts and premium subscribers. Will there be a version for the iPhone? It's not outside the realm of possibilities. At the present time, I do not have the capabilities to build a version for iPhone, but that could change. What's to come? Better harvest timing calculations, Snazzier look and feel, Possible map integration, Public release of Web APIs that help reveal data metrics for all your Wurm Online custom development needs.
  2. Hey man,


    I did your pants and jacket to 89/88 respectively, then I ran out of HQ gold lumps. (i used well over 100 lumps at 84 and 92ql)


    This morning I'm heading to my favorite gold vein to get more HQ. Would it be okay to add a gold materials charge to your order? Maybe something simple like 5c a piece?




  3. Jack's Armory A Wurm Online Chain Smith Best prices for chain armor period. Full Chain Suits 9 piece suits without enchants Iron / Copper 80ql 90c 90ql 2.25s Gold 80ql 1.8s 90ql 3.6s Bronze/Steel/Etc. Suits from special metals can be crafted as needed, as long as the materials are provided. Chain Barding Iron / Copper 70ql 30c 80ql 50c 90ql 1s Gold/Silver 70ql 60c 80ql 1.0s 90ql 2.5s Bronze/Steel/Etc. Barding from special metals can be crafted as needed, as long as the materials are provided. Chain Armor Improvements Iron / Copper 80ql 10c per piece 90ql 25c per piece Gold 80ql 30c per piece 90ql 50c per piece 90ql+ Let's Talk Bronze/Steel/Etc. Exotic metals are possible. Send me a message to discuss. Notes: All prices are negotiable. Imps to 100ql are possible but not recommended.
  4. Looking for rare chain pieces, creation QL, no enchants. PM please.
  5. Item QL Enchants Bronze Suit 1.5sp Chest 59.80 Pants 56.66 Coif 58.54 Boot 56.59 Boot 56.65 Gauntlet 54.42 Gauntlet 56.75 Sleeve 54.05 Sleeve 56.64 Copper Suit (all pieces 80ql) 2.5sp Iron Suit #1 3.5sp Chest 84.54 A64 Pants 86.51 A67 Coif 86.69 A21 Boot 85.37 A61 Boot 86.24 A59 Gauntlet 86.65 A63 Gauntlet 86.38 A81 Sleeve 85.78 A77 Sleeve 85.77 A46 Iron Suit #2 4.5sp Chest 90.36 A45 Pants 90.32 A42 Coif 90.65 A60 Boot 90.64 A53 Boot 90.33 A49 Gauntlet 90.20 A59 Gauntlet 90.31 A49 Sleeve 90.39 A95 Sleeve 90.19 A50 **A = Aura of Shared Pain
  6. Made another 80ql copper suit.. details to follow.
  7. 84ql iron chain suit, 9 pieces, AOSP on each piece GONE 86ql iron chain suit, 9 pieces, 2.0s 80ql copper suit, 9 pieces GONE, but I can make another on request Can COD or pickup near Summerholt on Xanadu