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  1. When: 12 November, 2018 at 2:00pm Central Time (-600) Begins: Amish Farms, across from the NEXA Sanctuary and Market End: Summerholt As a part of the Summerholt Fall Festival, NEXA presents a one-of-a-kind horserace and scavenger hunt. The Hook: Participants will race 0 spec horses around the Summerholt area to pick up items from five (5) stranded players located around the starter town. The racers will travel around 5000 tiles. Racers need to be able to carry 100 kg of extra cargo in their inventories. (if you can pick up 5 dirts, you pass the test) The Horses: We will be utilizing the horses used in the breeding contest. (no pregnant mares will run.) These horses have been branded, so permissions can be granted to specific players. Horse will be randomly assigned. We will release the names of the horses and their assigned players within an hour of the race. At the time of the race, the horses will be behind locked gates at Amish Farms. At the start of the race, the gates will be opened, and the players can go in a find their horses, mount up, and start racing. The Contest: A roughly drawn map with red X’s on it showing the pickup locations will be released in this thread at the start of the race. Racers must find the stranded players, open trade, and get an item. When all five (5) items are picked up, racers must return to Summerholt, open a trade with Jackjones, and give him all the items picked up. The first person to drop off all five (5) items wins! The Rules: You must ride your assigned 0 spec horse at all times. (no cheater horses on the side.) No horse gear allowed. We will be doing spot checks. Post below if you are interesting in racing, and please tell us the in-game name of the character you want to race with, so that we can get the permissions set.
  2. There was a DNS change.. I'm not the authority but tweaking my DNS settings ultimately got my game updating.
  3. All gone, sorry boss.. the selection period is closed..
  4. Only one pair remains...who will be our last contestant for this unique event?
  5. Just 5 pairs left.. (oops and I forgot to add Olga to the females)
  6. Done! (nice avoidance of the obvious Kirk + Uhura)
  7. The ponies are live! Make your selections now!
  8. The NEXA Alliance is mighty proud of our co-founder and horse breeder, Olafhairybreeks. So pleased are we with her awesomeness we have designed a Festival game around her Top 5 in Niarja Animal Husbandry skill. The premise is simple, 15 players*** each pick a male and a female from the list of breed-able horses below, and Olaf breeds them. When the foals arrive, the baby with the highest scores based on overall specializations wins a prize for their contestant. All of the breed-able horses are no name, zero spec horses. Scores will be tallied using Granger from the Wurm Assistant Tool. There will be prizes for the Top 3 scoring foals. Ties will be decided by random selection. All contestants win the right to take their foals at the end of the contest. We are not displaying the colors or ages of the breed-able horses, though we have almost all colors and ages from mature to venerable. The ponies are penned north of the NEXA Sanctuary and Market in a deed called Amish Farms. Please feel free to travel and look at the horses in the pen before you choose your breeding pair, but that’s not a necessity. *** Sadly only 15 players can participate due to the fact that setting something like this up is much harder than it looks. Most Importantly: All contestants MUST choose their breeding pair in a reply to this post. There can be no choices via PM or in game message for the sake of transparency. Choices are due by November 1st, and the breeding begins the next day. The winners will be announced at the Summerholt Fall Festival on November 11th. Females Males This event ends: (when this Auction timer ends):