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  1. Hey man,


    I did your pants and jacket to 89/88 respectively, then I ran out of HQ gold lumps. (i used well over 100 lumps at 84 and 92ql)


    This morning I'm heading to my favorite gold vein to get more HQ. Would it be okay to add a gold materials charge to your order? Maybe something simple like 5c a piece?




  2. Hey neighbor!

    1. Atheline


      Hey, sugar!   Sorry I have been distracted with my bridge project, dredging and fretting about depth.   BTW be sure to visit the Northeast side of my deed and tell me what you think of the progress.  Marble bridge across to new mountain mine should be up very soon. For now,  all should be able to pass in a circle around my island with a knarr.  So, what's up with you?  How's your deed coming along?

  3. We rule the underworld.. we can't afford to love...