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  1. This statue was one of the horses that adorned the entrance to the Amish Estates community deed near Summerholt on Xanadu. It was salvaged when the deed fell. I was imping it for Olaf for another project when it went rare!
  2. All set... thanks for the patience!
  3. All this is done too... (no market "flag" yet for the Heartland Market)
  4. Easy ones added. Was on holiday.. thank you for patience!
  5. Highway is in.. Bridges are not yet in the map. Will have to add soon, huh?
  6. It's supposed to say "Market" but yours said "Merchant". It's all set.. (I'll learn my own system one of these days.)
  7. @Aerinwold Yeah, "dumpable" area of the in-game map looks to be roughly 1k by 1k pixels. The map dump should be 4k by 4k pixels, with each pixel representing a tile. Therefore 1 in-game map pixel (this community map) should represent a 4x4 tiled area. Of course, take this with a grain of salt... I could be waaaay off. The next four months will fly past, and the real map dump will come out the day before I return to work from my winter break. That's inevitable!!!
  8. Done! Done! No problem, done! Got it, thanks!