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  1. Re-did the rares screenie. I can't promise they are correct, some might have burned some enchant skill, others that aren't labelled might have skill. Bid away Kil
  2. ###### ... Kettle black. If you were selling there be 1000E of rare tools only. #Hypocritmuch Price lowered to get things rolling.
  3. Selling everything. It's all in a rare knarr except the rare sailboat. Everything is ready to go. Forges and Stuff Magical chest with lots of high quality moonmetal Lots of Rares with high enchants and a moonmetal helm Gems Lots of plate Plenty of tools (most have high enchants) Shields Weapons Rare sailboat (Black dye) with rare knarr in the background Then there's rafts of horse gear and misc stuff such as statuettes, toolbelts, lamps, med rugs, rings, ropes, high quality locks/lockpicks etc etc Only selling the lot all together. Starting Bid/Reserve: 400 Euro Min Increase: 5 Euro Snipe Protection: 1h Buyout: Offer I reserve the right to do whatever I want with my Auction.
  4. After this shock news: I'd just like to say thank you to Shrimpiie for owning up to what he did and taking the consequences. A lot more people should follow in your footsteps. Keep your chin up. Enjoy the game. Cheers Kil
  5. Horse set sold. Minimum price change on Movu.
  6. Bump. Will sell for 0.90E per silver for > 2G purchased. Have 2G 40S available.
  7. I have 51 available. 1 Euro/Silver. Any amount can be purchased. I will sell for 45 Euro if all 51 are purchased. I cannot deliver. I do not have an active account. Pick up South Exo. PM me to arrange pick up time. Cheers Kil
  8. Sorry sold. Forgot to update title.
  9. I have 3 Gold available. 1 Euro/Silver. Any amount can be purchased. I will sell for 0.95Euro/Silver if purchasing 1G or more. Cheers Kil
  10. Bump. PM me your offers... I'll be away for a couple of days and will come back to transfer items to the people with the highest offers. Kil