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  1. Make some polish with alchemy to give the look of appletree but if you want the apple tree bonuses ( I said we needed more bonus) you have to grow/find/buy apple trees at the market price. It gives a real value and price to wood this way. Now what value can have a apple tree ? nothing more than another log. There is no market for essences.
  2. Ddboy That is the point ! You can give here a real value to apple wood. If you want your caravel made in apple wood you have to look for this essence and buy apple wood on the market. Wood essence comes alive and has a price. Actually any wood is just wood ! There is no point to look for a particular wood. With this change... wood essence are really worth something. It is a big add to the gameplay. Lawurm: I am sure the 100% is not a good idea. I voted for the 75% wich is a very good value according to me. Realism is not a goal here.
  3. Give some real value to wood essences. An item as to be made with 50%+(or more) of an essence otherwise it is only a wood item without type and doesnt have the bonus from any essence. It can give a real boost to a valuable forest diversification, an incentive to manage forests on deed and open a REAL market for woods. May be we need more bonus on wood types. Actually I just need to have 4 or 5 cedar trees on my deed and I can make all my stuff in cedar....Tomorrow if I want to make my stuff in cedar I have to really manage my timberland or buy more cedar from a logger.
  4. Ok Thanks Laiwyn for the information ll pick them up this evening (Europe here) in Esert or I meet you somewhere I am near Pineview. Deed Saint Saturnin I am on the map. PM me your coords King Thanks
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