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  1. Will pm u here once I get back home
  2. U can pick up?
  3. PC 20s top Edit : sry didn't see the 1st toon 20s for the 2nd toon
  4. 50-100e
  5. 1s/1e if that's OK for u
  6. Budget line and with or without gear?
  7. we made a deal
  8. Price per barrel?
  9. will sent u 5 when i wake up my friend
  10. Red is eyeing on now 3k more or less depend on buyer and come with what ?
  11. Sold
  12. [17:06:48] You are now too far away to attack The young white dragon hatchling. i dont have time to make a event on it so if any1 willing to do here is where it is mark on red is where the dragon mark on black is a road easy to get it to abit north of "moonlight marina" deed is a good spot to park ur boats
  13. Free bump my friend ^^
  14. can be closed now ty
  15. bump