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  1. WTB 1.5G

    Hi If u can wait till tonight I can trade with u
  2. WTB Cast for item

    There is a thing call mailbox
  3. Please close

    Sent to Ehizellbob?
  4. Please close

    Still can't find it ? If yes I will check tonight
  5. WTB 50 silver for 50 Euro

    np at least u let me know that gl wurming :)
  6. WTB 50 silver for 50 Euro

    Sold once I get back home will pm u in 6-7 hours from now
  7. Found, close please

    OK I had a few hour rest I'm logging in
  8. Found, close please

    I'm very sry I fall sick I did check today only 1 fiend in my mine I live at T18/19 in-between inde
  9. Found, close please

    I will check tonight see if my mine have some cheer
  10. WTB 1G (Paypal Verified) 1s/1e [Close Please]

    Alright once I get on will in game for 3-4 hour
  11. WTB 1G (Paypal Verified) 1s/1e [Close Please]

    Yup can trade later about 5-7 hour till I get home pm u here or in game ?
  12. WTB cocoa beans bought can close

    I think I have some but not at computer and it's not cheap either
  13. WTB 40s 1s / 1e

    In a few hours I'll be back home can trade with u
  14. Bought, please close.

    Will pm u here once I get back home
  15. Bought, please close.

    U can pick up?