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  1. Have already been sold for 3c/ql sorry, only gems above 10 ql remain
  2. I have a giant stash of gems I wish to sell off at 2c/ql - State how much quality you wish to buy - Where you are located (I can deliver to Indi and exo where there is water access and anywhere on Deli) - Your in-game name - Please note for orders less than 10s I will charge a 50c delivery fee Remaining quality of gems: 10,000+
  3. That message was for Ronin, Silakka, I thanked you for correcting my gold to AUD conversion which I stuffed up Also I am negotiable on price, I hinted at that when I said, "price is currently" .. but 50s is a rip off to me no matter how you look at it, even if the trader is devalued to 20s-30s
  4. My mistake, I was taking the EUR to AUD value of 2g not 1.5g
  5. 1g less? The trader is worth 50s alone? Please don't troll/flame/whatever you're doing (And I'm not Tera so IDK what that bit is about)
  6. As stated above I am selling the deed La Obscuridad located 17x 35y (Deli) The deed has (among many many many other things) a rare forge, trader on deed and housed, many veins including gold, thousands of farming produce (if not tens of thousands, vegies, wemp, cotton etc), many many BSB and FSB filled with useful items, ~25 horses/cattle/bison, the deed is almost 100% flat enough to farm crop on every tile, over 100 days of upkeep remaining. If you wish to see the deed first hand please forum PM me and I would be more than happy to arrange a time to show you around, price is currently 1.5g or 160AUD
  7. Hey Yozhik I've met you briefly in-game I am one of Urth's friends, I have some work for you in SW Deli if you are interested in moving temporarily for the work? PM me if interested
  8. I don't understand what you are saying? Irrelevant for testing purposes .. it will not effect results .. yes obviously the reason the timer is longer is due to lower stam (No ######), but lower stam will not effect the skill over time as the testing does not include break times for regenerating stamina.. and because skill gained in a tick is proportional to the time it took for the action we can ignore remaining stamina as a variable in our tests ..
  9. Possibly the cause, I made one ages ago and forgot details to it and I had to make a new one to get past the username and log in page.
  10. Alright well it made me log in before I could view the page and add my results :/
  11. I think that is an inflammatory remark and untrue for the most part, I believe people are unsure on what is fact and what is myth which is why this testing is being undertaken. Lack of results is more likely a result of the setup process as you are required to: A download tracking software B meet the requirements for results (no less than 50 ore, continuous SB etc) and C You must be registered with google to view/edit the results page. So the part of your statement about "not motivated" enough to do all that is the only shred of truth. That's a good point, however I ran a test to check it out and the skill gain seems to be proportional to the time taken, I've shown 3 different times below but every test came up at roughly 0.000057 if you round it, any differences in results I would attribute to the decimals of skill only going to 6 places and the seconds being rounded to 1 decimal. Even if that is not the case the differences are negligible. [06:29:19] Mining increased by 0.000832 to 86.60893 14.6s [06:30:19] Mining increased by 0.00121 to 86.6110 21.2s [06:43:13] Mining increased by 0.00153 to 86.6169 27s Skill / second = 0.000832 / 14.6 = 0.0000569863013698630136986301369863 Skill / second = 0.001210 / 21.2 = 0.00005707547169811320754716981132075 Skill / second = 0.001530 / 27 = 0.00005666666666666666666666666666667 Now that it's proven to be linked to the time taken (and not the % of stamina remaining) then this aspect of the possible error is corrected as the recording shows skill over time, not skill over actions (or over % stamina) Hope that made sense, if not I can try and elaborate on it. EDIT: Obviously this is untrue if the person burns to 0% stamina as there is a skill gain penalty.