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  1. Keys to empty cells are now available in the center of the bulk sales fort. Venerable horses (5 and 4-speed) are ready at the horse merchant. Breeding is underway, and so these old horses are offered at a very reduced clearance price.
  2. Horse market restocked: 5-speed (venerable males) 8 horses, 4c each 4-speed (venerable males) 10 horses, 2c each (clearance sale, breeding underway)
  3. I have repaired the broken links in the main post and will be working to restore the images in my other threads as well. (my image host has had a domain change, so replacing .org with .cc should reveal the original pic) Also: Locks (on empty cells) in the bulk-sales fort will be replaced shortly, and new keys will therefore be offered at that time Breeding of 5-speed horses will recommence and the horse market will be restocked as they become available
  4. I wish all of you a Merry Christmas! Thanks to those who have already stopped by and everyone who has yet to appear! Let's keep it rolling through into next year!
  5. Map has been updated with current enchanting and sermons area:
  6. Thank you for your interest. There may be updates sometime in the future.
  7. These listings are incredibly tedious to produce, and making the updates was quite a consuming chore that I didn't exactly look forward to each month. I was glad to make them for the benefit of everyone with a merchant here, but I honestly wasn't sure if many people even looked at them. I have considered making a weekly update for just one section of the market at a time. That would both space out the entire process for me and also keep the thread more relevant throughout the month. I am always so short on time, so many other things to work on around here, that I practically never have a chance to even maintain my own merchants. I would gladly continue making these merchant listings if I knew my time was being well spent (appreciated by our guests here). Thank you for your interest. There may be updates sometime in the future.
  8. Thanks to everyone for all the response and suggestions so far. We really appreciate the feedback and everything is being taken into consideration.
  9. I have added an active countdown timer at the top: it will be 111 days from now.
  10. It is unfortunate that you feel that way, but that is not the attitude we have. We are proud of our home and would love to share that with you, that is all. We will be hosting an impalong here, and if anyone else will be hosting their own then you have the free choice to attend whichever, or both. I also realize that there are others that share those views. I write in a punctual way that may seem arrogant to some, but this is not my natural identity so I try to be impersonal. Please do not confuse any of our actions as some intended offense to anyone. If you knew us here then you would see that you are mistaken. I do not believe I have ever met you.
  11. December 22nd - 31st, 2017 We are very pleased to announce this year's impalong to be hosted at Glasshollow Market on Xanadu! Join us for the imping, casting, games and prizes! Everyone is welcome to attend at any time for however long they choose. We will now be accepting volunteers and donations of imping materials. At least 70 skill in your trade is preferred. Come see how much has changed here since our impalong in 2014: video: 2014 Xmas Impalong | Glasshollow Market Tour video: Travel to Xmas Impalong (Glasshollow 2014)