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  1. Geriatric Wurm

    Bump! Growing well - Great player base and a growing economy. Hope to see you there!
  2. Geriatric Wurm

    Update! Added a 4k server to the North for hunting! Hunting server also runs the survival mod. It has custom spawn and rift mobs for hard core people and is PvE. Because you can still see those damn kids on your grass Livemap Link
  3. Geriatric Wurm

    You may have hit it when it was restarting. We did a maintenance restart late last night. Everything is running smoothly this morning and we'd love to have you over for tea! It's in Atlanta, GA, USA
  4. Geriatric Wurm

    We invite you to join us at Geriatric Wurm! Things are a bit slower in the land of the old - not just our memories or cognitive abilities, either! Do you hate ridiculously long lists of rules and requirements when you join a server? We do too!! We're all blind here so we cant read them anyways. Server Rules: 1. Don't be an a-hole. The start towns of both maps are super easy to navigate and minimally (but functionally) designed. No getting lost in mazes of markets and mega-buildings! We all know GM's can make amazing mega structures, we don't need to show you again. We have TONS of mods and custom content and a small, but amazing player-base! The Hermit server runs 1x 2x on an 8k map. If you're just plain tired of telling kids to get off your lawn, this is your server! Come get yourself a big yard with no neighbors! 8k Live map Survival Map The Survival server is for old, crusty die-hards. Running at 1x 3x - People just not your thing? Come live up north in the bitter cold where life is hard. Remember, you might just be old, but you're still capable and we think you still have value. Come check out the forums and wiki and maybe have your kids bring you over to the server for the day, we'll be happy to have you AND we have extra butterscotch pudding and hard candy! Cheers! Equinox
  5. 8k map - All tree and bush types in game as of 11/16/2020 All ores, ada and glimm at 0.015% Iron boosted to 1.5% Height map included You can download it here
  6. This is perfect! Thank you !! In title list we can just add new titles? titlelist=Murderer;Original Settler;Peace Officer;Founder;Crazy;Over Sleeper;Flower Sniffer
  7. Bump! This is what I was looking for in 2018, but would like something I can continue to add titles to as the need arises. Still paying if anyone is up for it. Maybe something with like 50 available spots? As the server owner adds titles we just uncomment and replace "unused" with whatever we need. Title 550 Murderer Title 551 Original Settler Title 552 Peace Officer Title 553 Founder Title 554 Crazy #Title 555 unused #Title 556 unused #Title 557 unused #Title 558 unused #Title 559 unused
  8. Great mod - My java is rusty at best, how would I set this to 100% success?
  9. Palm Trees?

    Anyone have a mod for Palm Trees on sand tiles yet?
  10. Bump! Updated to reflect v1.6 upgrades and removed Permadeath
  11. Nope, just the link he posted in my original thread.
  12. Link to titles mod I requested is - https://github.com/jerone0601/TitleMod/releases/tag/V0.1
  13. Kaelynn is correct, Thank you for that very well worded bit of info, Kealynn! Not sure about your last post, Satch? Everyone did start at the same time. There was no pre-release or anything like that. The server was locked for two days while I got it ready, aside from me on a GM acct, no-one else was able to access the server until opening day. The couple days the server was locked was spent building the spawn town and adding/placing custom spawns and mods. We have a pretty good player base at the moment, you can check us out on Steam, Discord or the web - http://astaroth.enjin.com . Website/Forums Steam Page Live Map Discord
  14. This exceeds my expectations, thank you so much for doing this. Could I suggest you create a thread in the "Mods" section of the forum for easy access for anyone interested in this mod?