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  1. Biffenor 938,2579
  2. Add this one as well please.,2397 Gibs 522- Tower Name
  3. Hello please add this Guard Tower to the map.,2449 Ondaedj 682-Tower Name
  4. I'd like to thank everyone for coming to the slaying! I had a blast setting this up and I'd like to thank everyone for your patience throughout the whole event. Please thank @Zachariahfor providing the Glimmersteel Great Helm, a pair of dragon shoulder pads, Rare Plate Leggings, and the Huge Axe. Please thank @StoickJesterfor providing the Rare Oaken wood Rope Tool Please thank @Elizaryafor providing the Supreme Iron Lamp, Rare Steel Leather Knife, Rare Lead Hammer The JK, MR, and HOTs kingdom banners were provided by an anonymous player. Thank you for that! Please thank @Zarameand of course @Pandaletfor providing Blood Mixes. And lastly without the help of @Stanleeproviding support during the slaying and organizing the loot rolls this wouldn't have been as smooth as it was. Thank You Stan!!!
  5. Just in our friend community we have enough for sermons, just have to come and we can work on getting a set sermon schedule going
  6. This capture was the first capture of 3 amazing wurmians, 2 wurmians who have been around the block and @RollyPolly, our mighty Titan, came in to take a few hit in the end while our forgetful sacrifice toon was frolicking through the fields. Including myself, this was the first penning for Stoickjester and Zachariah. Please thank @StoickJester for providing the shaker orb. Please thanks @Zachariah for getting on late and coming into the rescue after a couple hours of us walking the stubborn dragon. This penning wouldn't have happened if @AgentQwartydidn't selflessly give up his life and be the first one to feed this dragon. Thank you @Gafferfor taking a walloping while Agentqwarty was lagging all over the place. And of course thank you RollyPolly for courageously diving into the mine and letting the dragon chew on your toes while we were getting the sacrifice to get in.
  7. Are you stuck at home in real life or in game? We won’t be able to fix getting you out of the house, but we can get you out of your deed to sail on over to Release and take some of that house quarantine pent up rage and slay this Harmless White Dragon Hatchling! This is a public slaying with public rolls! Don’t be shy and come on over. The event will be held on Sunday, June 14, 2020 at 1 PM PST. A timer will be provided so don’t miss it! To negate lag as much as possible for those crossing servers please arrive 1 hour early. For those on server please be advised to arrive as early as you can, lest you miss the event. The exact location will be public 2 hours before the event, but for those who come early there will be plenty to do at the meet up location at J13 Saint Absy’s Cathedral. We have a church for listening to those nasty priests but we have to pretend to listen so we can get goodies later on. There’s a chess board for those brave enough to push statues around, (Ask Elizarya for permission first). For those who don’t have a horse we will provide one and we will have plenty of food and water, just make sure to wash your hands before eating. Rules for the rolls: -Once you get a hit in please back off and allow for others to hit as I’m sure it’s exhilarating when hitting a unique for the first time or even for the 100th time. -Alts in local are fine, but please refrain from entering the slaying pen. -All those who join in the fight (and are not, themselves, alts) are eligible to retrieve loot rolled from the corpse of the dragon, as well as the corpse itself. All items attained from the dragon will be rolled. Stay until the end as we will have extra items to roll. Since the Covid-19 pandemic is in full swing we will provide clean food and water with wash basins! We will not be able to maintain social distancing during the slaying so please keep your masks on and don’t breathe or sneeze too much.
  8. @Mclavin Zachariah went ahead and posted a PM with the details of a possible sale. Let us know your thoughts.
  9. Have you ever just sat at your deed and said, "What to do today? What shall I build? I feel like I'm missing something but what? Does this house look as good as I want it to be?" These are only a few of the many thoughts that go through my head as I stare off into the sunset. I have some answers to a few of these questions, but these answer cannot be done without a few additions to what we already have. I have always loved building greenhouses in every game that requires building, but alas we don't not have glass as a craft-able item. Glass as a material will make many beautiful buildings even more grandiose, and make many things come to life. I have looked at many buildings in my travels and have noticed that roofing is something that needs to be looked at... We have only a few designs for roofs, and I know that limits the creative thinking that this wonderful community has. Glass should be able to be stained. I can picture a church with amazing glass designs. We should have the ability of making roofs out of every ore material we have, we should have the ability of being able to add more than just paintings to walls. How amazing would it be if you could have vines or greenery coming off from buildings giving it a nice outdoor feeling. We have a few walls that have window like structures, but what if I want a full size glass wall. What if I want an actual window instead of a small opening. A friend of mine said, "It would be nice to work hedges into my actual home as walls even if it meant just allowing the ability to have it between archways." Speaking of archways, we should have the ability of being able to have rounded roofs. Heck what if I wanted to create a room that looked like a bank and made the walls out of gold. For some the building limitations that we have will be enough, but for others I'm sure our creative thinking is dying to test out their limits and see if they can make a house into a home. I've looked at the house that I've lived in the past and I know I'm dying to have my friend remake it to look even better than it is.... Tell me, does anyone else feel that these additions would be good for our building experience?
  10. Two hander sword with all enchants 10s? Small anvil 82 Ql 8s? 90Ql toolbelt 3s? Large anvil 8s? 97coc needle 5s? Please Cod to iLLiteratNerd if offers are good, otherwise please pm me to discuss prices.
  11. Auctioning a Rare Large Anvil 90Qual (63WOA, 82COC). Starting bid price: 6.5 Silver. Bid increments: 50 copper. Buyout: 12 Silver. Sniper Protection: 1 Hour Auctioning a Rare Small Anvil 89Qual (96WOA, 81COC). Starting bid price: 7 Silver. Bid increments: 50 copper. Buyout:12 Silver. Sniper Protection: 1 Hour Auctioning a Rare Large Shield 48Qual (60COC). Starting bid price: 5 Silver. Bid increments: 1 Silver. Buyout: 10 Silver. Sniper Protection: 1 Hour Images for Rare Items:
  12. This post can be closed. I found the horses!
  13. Hello, during a boat switch with the captain's seat, 4 of my horses stopped being lead our in the middle of the water at around M8-I8. It wasn't realized until my villagers got home that this mistake happened. If you find four horses, 3 gold colored and one black please pm me in game or on forums. They are all wearing saddles and one of the gold horses is fully equipped with gear. I appreciate any and all help. Thank You Oh yes, the names are: Mountainbear, Wakingbashira, Unitypot, and Ironheart.
  14. Add me to the fighter list, I'll be there!