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  1. never mind make it 18
  2. Hello Is it to late to offer 17 silver
  3. Just got an cast on My mail box good service nice convo glad i decided to go with Jakeii. Will be returning for more services in the future for sure.
  4. ok that would be great if you guys could let it disband. and if you ever need a dock let me know and i an let you guys use ours
  5. ill take the nim82 LT74 COC85 huge axe its the second one on the list
  6. what items do you have left if any
  7. bump
  8. bump
  9. My self and illiteratnerd are village mates and have showed up tonight we logged but will be on again around 8:30 A.M. PST time. Nerd is a noob youtuber and will be doing a show and tell of the deed which is awesome by the way. other than that we are willing to help with anything we can we have some skills around mid 20`s to early or mid 30`s and our digging is at level 67-68 and can help with terraforming if needed otherwise just feel free to ask us some questions we are hear to meet new people and make new friends.
  10. we are aware of the guys name just trying to get contact with him hoping to frind friends who might be able to let him know that we are looking for him
  11. ill buy but i only have 27 silver right now but will have the rest of the silver by an about 3 hours at the latest
  12. Deed is fully terraformed has has 20 or so bull cow and calf mixed and 5 sheep the hunting has improved with a few huge scorpions coming around and a troll was spotted as well. Deed is 1 to 2 min walk from the coast and has great neighbors near whom are a great help. besides the bsbs full of some mats there will also be a few barrels left behind and some carts as some of the barrels will have some mats or unfinished things in them. there is a mine on deed that can still be expanded and also a deed down the rode about 30 seconds with a silver vein and 3 or more copperveins and a lead vein as well. location S8 Starting bid: 8 silver Buyout price: 20 silver
  13. The deed is 51x31 with 5 sheep, about 20 cow bull mix, 2 horse, 1791 bricks, 500 mortar 163clay,163sand heap,249 rock shards,200 low ql silver and 5 forges 2x50ql and 3x20plus ql. 6 buildings on deed and a mine with 5 iron veins 70ql-90ql a lead vein and another mine close to deed with silver and copper veins. also fully terraformed with 7 bsbs full of dirt for selling or terraforming to your pleasure.