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  1. I was thinking about returning in June to play again but I was wondering if the game has already done it's time. Is it still worth playing?
  2. I get so much more pissed at things in the first 25 minutes of waking up
  3. Will I get killed on sight by randoms as soon as I transfer over there?
  4. What's up with this alarm thing. I woke up at 5:44 thinking the clock said 4:44 and went back to sleep. I wake up an hour later, 6:44 (alarms go off on 6:00) and it took me seconds to acknowledge this so I flipped and caught my bus in 10 minutes. Other occurrences, a ghost turns my alarm off or I turn it off subconsciously, I forget to turn my alarm on, volume isn't up etc. Why am I have so much trouble with alarms? ? I got like 6 tardies last year in marking period 4.
  5. Lol rename this post to "Change client to help us macro"
  6. I said "It's not dumb and boring. No one cares about the actual fight, we are just anxious and very excited for the loot." Lol, you funny man. You pull words out your bung all the time or no? You also seem butt hurt about wurm because of your profile picture. I'm going to guess that someone stole your cart on freedom ?
  7. Why didn't you mention libila priests can cast a spell in animals so they can graze mycelium?
  8. Then wurm pvp isnt for you. You think people care about pvp in runescape? Runescape was the most popular pvp game of all time and all you did was click and wait.
  9. Wurm I'm too broke to afford good Internet
  10. Wait woah, so the arrays are height and length I assume? If this is true, what keeps the tile from being 100% wall
  11. Why you gotta assume everyone is trying to use macros lmao. I made it pretty clear in previous posts that I wasn't macroing or suggesting it
  12. Lol guys I was referring to in game. Mods got confused I guess so they moved it over here to wood scraps
  13. Try not to end up like that guy who was banned for taking someone's stuff with a key lying around on YouTube.