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  1. Panda's Place 1288, 945 thanks!
  2. what I would really like is glass.. Put sand in a forge or smelter, get glass and make doors (hey wouldn't sliding doors be great? similar idea as the portcullis, but then sideways?) /walls or walls with windows or whatever with it, so that when you have a deed with a great view you can watch that from inside your house.. just something I already have in mind for quite some time now..
  3. Hi, I just have 3 small questions. Do I understand right that if I wanted to I can play the standalone version of the game exactly the way we play on line now, so including the skills to 100, resources, building unlimited and that basicly the 'only' (for me pretty important) thing missing will be the community? Second question, how does it work with the deeds if you're playing solo? You still have to pay silver for it? (If so where does it go?) I'm mainly asking this to get clear if the wall-decay, the dying pregnant mum-animals, the lights not turning off during the day etc will be an issue in that version. Can I still make a bridge on a stand alone? Since you need two players to make one, how does that work? I love new ideas. Just try to get my head around the 'smaller' stuff.