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  1. Various items for sale!

  2. Celebration Map

    Kickapoo Y41 Y42 , X8 ….. So remove Tear Collection JarD The Cove Y43 X8/X9 Line MissMandy Y42 Y43, X10 X11 Happy Cove ….Runed Mailbox
  3. Goblin leader slaying

    I missed it.. darn
  4. Name and Shame - Necroedarkslayer

    Nappy you have always had great ideas. I have played with many players on Epic, Chaos and Freedom. Those of you that have played with me know I would never willingly sell stolen goods. I play Wurm because I love the game. I don't want 1 poor choice to sell something for a friend to make me look like a bad person.
  5. Name and Shame - Necroedarkslayer

    Well I will not be selling anything for anyone unless they are people on my deed or people I trust. So there will be no sales that are stolen coming from me.
  6. Name and Shame - Necroedarkslayer

    For you to shame me and accuse me of doing something wrong when all I did was sell something for a fellow player without asking questions or assuming the item was stole I thank you very much for making me look bad without asking me my part in it. You took the time to write this long speech but you couldn't be bothered to ask me about my part or if I knew it was stole or anything. You just assumed I knew and sold it willingly. I have never sold a stolen item. If this item was I wasnt made aware until after the sale by a few other players telling me. I thought it was all gossip from rival kingdoms on Chaos. But next time try messaging the parties involved instead of slamming them on forums.

    The deed is worth more than 35s at least that is what I think.. 45 -50s at least
  8. Crate Improvements

    It would be awesome if Large crates held 600 and small held 300. Seeing as how new players don't have the coin right away to buy a wagon so they use a large cart. Also it takes a lot to get to 60 carpentry so a few small crates holding 300 would be amazing.
  9. Leader of Goblins!

    Add Ethos to the list of fighters
  10. Leader of Goblins!

    Sign MissMandy up as a fighter
  11. Add MissMandy as a fighter for both
  12. Forest Giant Slaying - Thank you for coming

    Count me in and Ethos as well.
  13. Knarr

    I'm on Cele and looking for a Knarr. I'm wondering who makes and what your prices are??
  14. Free 5Speed Horses

    I'm on Cele around Q21