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  1. Scadouge, do you still have that Tamriel map? Your google drive link is no longer working and I would really like to have it. Or, play on it, if possible.

  2. On version [19:51:26] An old troll mauls you extremely hard in the right shoulder and damages it.
  3. You can set max value in com/wurmonline/server/villages/GuardPlan.class - maxGuards = 1; But only new deeds will not be able to set the number of guards more than max. Fix for old deeds: int maxguards = 1; Village[] villages = Villages.getVillages(); for (int i = 0; i < villages.length; i++) { int gnumber = villages[i].plan.getNumHiredGuards(); if (gnumber > maxguards) { villages[i].plan.updateGuardPlan(villages[i].plan.type, villages[i].plan.moneyLeft, maxguards); Guard[] guards = villages[i].getGuards(); if(guards.length > maxguards) for (int i2 = 0; i2 < guards.length - maxguards; i2++) { if (guards[i2].getCreature() != null) guards[i2].getCreature().destroy(); } } }
  4. Del

    Update: -Full magic rebalancing -Manaregen tick change to 5 sec -Enchanter requires 100 mana for enchant (depends on ql) -Add Staff crafting -Spell power now depends on ql staff All updates are here(only on Russian language): Группа ВК On this forum only the most important updates
  5. #changepassword playername steamid64
  6. Del

    I congratulate you, nice try
  7. Del

    Update: -Full rework mod enchanting system -New mod mechanic: crit(default: 0%), crit power(default: 20%), dodge(default: 0%), hp regeneration(default: 0) -New orbs for enchanter -Add new skills: Orb forging(Enchanting, Use magic items), Staffcraft master(Staff craft, Crystal core charging) -Two hand weapons have x2 enchanting effect power -PhDmg enchant have 1/2 power on bows -Mod Dodge dont work with heavy armor -When 2 short swords equiped: +20% crit chance, +20 crit power full patch note was lost (will be added soon) 30 dec 2016 21:00(Moscow) will be handed out new year gifts
  8. Del

    Server under ddos attack. You cant see server in server list. PM for info
  9. Del

    Update: PVP allow now PMK NoPVP in any deed New Mod's character sheet (body->info->Character sheet)
  10. in com.wurmonline.server.zones in Zone.class just removed that code: no lag today
  11. I remove fog spiders spawn and lags was no more. thx
  12. package com.wurmonline.server.DarkWinterMod; import java.sql.Connection; import java.sql.DriverManager; import java.sql.PreparedStatement; import java.sql.SQLException; public class DelItems { public static void main(String[] args) { int id = 141;//ash id String path = "D://wurmitems.db"; Connection dbcon = null; PreparedStatement ps = null; try { dbcon = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:sqlite:" + path); ps = dbcon.prepareStatement("DELETE FROM ITEMS WHERE TEMPLATEID=" + id); ps.executeUpdate(); ps.close(); } catch (SQLException var26) { } } }
  13. WU hype in Russia now. 100+ players - true number + Hyperborea best ru rp-pvp server