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  1. What's even more annoying is that you can be using LT and heal that 0.5 damage wound and still be affected by hurting status. I think that hurting status needs to be looked at and rebalanced, both in PvE and PvP. As a side note, it doesn't only affect movement speed. It also gives a pretty hefty CR penalty. In PvE, it's very noticeable while fighting trolls.
  2. Filling in for Lorena 31/1600 merge pls
  3. American bacon is real bacon. To those who disagree, I bid thee farewell.
  4. I think rather than just "fix" things like this, you should look into why people are doing it in the first place. People don't do this for weapon skill because it is fast enough to hunt legitimately. People abused certain methods of shield training without taking damage because shield skill increases very slowly, and sitting in a pen is actually faster than fighting and hunting. This should be looked into (ie. skill gain raised while hunting mobs, not just mechanics to prevent abuse). Positive incentive generally works better than penalty.
  5. 1:5? So a player with 100 in a skill on Epic should be transferred to Freedom with 20 in that skill? I really hope I'm just misunderstanding you. To be honest, I think most skills should just be transferred over. At higher levels, skills are more difficult to gain due to the decreased frequency of getting ticks at high skill on the curve. Meditation is actually flat out more time consuming because it is bugged such that tick frequency is based on the curved skill even though the skill itself always operates at its base value. Maybe certain stats (specifically stamina and soul strength) could use a recalculation, but at this point in the game, I think decreasing Epic accounts' stats would make them incompetent in PvP on Freedom. An average Epic account is really pretty close to the same as an average Chaos account anyway, probably weaker than the Chaos account.
  6. Non-exhaustive list of stuff you missed: SotG got nerfed (finally) LT got nerfed There are a bunch of player gods now, Fo is really the only relevant default god Armor got rebalanced to be more situational based on incoming attack type Epic is dead WU code is out, which is almost the same as Wurm Online source code - fun Bison now give better FS gain than trolls Body strength has less effect on damage reduction - easier to get into PvP
  7. What about the wounds from failing to desecrate an altar or getting bitten by a shark (when fishing, not the creature)? Are those actual poison or just renamed as well?
  8. Priests are much more common now, aside from the obvious increase in power in PvP, because their PvP restrictions were removed. Their restrictions are now almost entirely in PvE, which can simply be bypassed using alts. Previously, players had to decide whether to give up certain powers to gain others. Now, they don't As an example, Fo priests used to be unable to use archery without taking a 0.1 faith hit per shot. At the time, people saw this as an overwhelming drawback. As a result, there were few Fo priests. This meant less Light of Fo spam, which made the inherent imbalances with Light of Fo and Heal less obvious (and unnoticeable, in a lot of cases). Players decided that Fo was too difficult to main in PvP because of this drawback, thus they suggested that all priests be able to use archery without penalty because it is a vital part of PvP. The developers listened. As a result, Fo no longer had any meaningful drawbacks to prevent playing a Fo main in PvP. At this point, many players became Fo priests. This is when the inherent balance issues became noticeable and overwhelmingly detrimental to PvP. Because of the proliferation (in contrast to the previous scarcity) of Fo priests, powerful healing spells could be spammed much more easily, thus leading to many of the issues that have plagued PvP for a couple years now. As a side note, shield bashing was much easier then, and damage reduction buffs were much less common. As a result, it was much easier to interrupt an enemy's cast as an effective counter, either through shield bashing or by causing enough damage to interrupt the action. Lesson to be learned: proliferation causes or acts as a catalyst to many otherwise unnoticeable issues. This can be observed in many instances in the game, including priests, meditation, the rarity system, dragon armor, etc.
  9. It never even should have been as common as it is now. Same with drake, scale, rares, etc. The problem is that there is no system to get rid of these items once they are created, leading to accumulation over time, further leading to imbalance. Then, Freedom comes around and whines that they should have it too, then more gets added, further increasing the imbalance for PvP while also removing the differences that made some server other than a Freedom server unique and worth playing on. Rinse and repeat. So no, do not make it more common so some people can craft it. People need to try to attain it for themselves or craft a well-thought-out argument for a balanced addition to the game (which might require some research into game balance and design).
  10. I think that some of the values for penalties from being hit are a bit too high. I think they should be scaled based on damage taken (you shouldn't receive a 40% movement speed reduction for taking a 5 damage wound, for example). Perhaps those values should act as caps with lower limits added (ie. 5 damage wound should be slowing target more than 2% [5% of 40%], but not the full 40%). Other than that +1
  11. Honestly, the 120 favor enchants should be knocked down to something that can be cast by one priests (80 sounds reasonable, as Gary mentioned). This would especially help new players and groups who are trying to get priests but don't want to priest all of their accounts, as well as help mitigate the effect of decreased population on some servers. Beside that, I don't really see any legitimate need from a balance point of view for enchants to need multiple priests, especially at this point in the game. However, certain non-enchant spells are absurdly powerful and should retain the high favor cost as a balancing factor (and arguably balanced further, but that's a different discussion) - Land of the Dead comes to mind here. For this reason, I don't think that linking with gems is a good idea.
  12. I think it's similar to the argument a while back about people wanting healers to get on death tabs even if they didn't target / deal damage to the killed player because it still should count as an assist. People now want Fo priests to get loot if they heal people engaged in combat but are not themselves engaged in combat.
  13. If they wanted to call you a cheater, they could just leave you with a little surprise on your next login attempt. They didn't do that. They fixed something that wasn't intended to prevent people who don't contribute from benefiting.