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  1. We take 20% for gaming users, not 60%. We only charge 5% for regular Bitcoin miners because payouts are in Bitcoin. The extra 15% for gaming uses is the cost of providing a user-friendly client, taking the risk of pooled mining, and handling the currency exchange. I think the discrepancy you are seeing is likely caused by the high volatility of price and the rapidly increasing difficulty. According to this calculator, 850 MH/s gets you $1.68 a day at current price and difficulty, so I don't know where you got that $8-12 number. Maybe back in April when the price was 3 times what it is now and difficulty was 1/4 of what it is now. Edit: I forgot one more thing. Our client is a bit different than other mining clients. First, we don't offer any customization, so you cannot tweak the kernel to fit it to your graphics card. This can result in a slight decrease in hash rate. Also, it tries its best to only use spare GPU power. If you turn the client on maximum, then go play a GPU intensive game with maxed graphics settings, the miner will all but stop until you stop playing.
  2. Hello everyone! I've been really busy with other Coinlab business as well as fixing the issues you have all been having with the pool. There was an issue, now fixed, which was causing our server to delay delivering you all your Iron. Now I will answer questions! We post that warning because your graphics card is mining really slowly. When it's that slow, you are most likely wasting more energy running your computer than you are making back in iron. What kind of graphics card do you have? You would need to buy a new one :/. I do not recommend buying one specifically for this, because even a top of the line GPU will soon earn very very little. It should be fixed now! All of the iron you had earned during that time should be transferred over by now. Thanks for that! Generally those files are installed when you update your graphics card, but if not that fix is good to know.
  3. You should get your graphics card drivers are up to date. When you do that, make sure that you manually select which card you have using their dropdown menus, instead of using their auto-detect tool.
  4. Yeah, that's due to the price fluctuations. Once per day we set the Bitcoin / USD exchange rate to the volume weighted average price for the last day so you get the actual dollar value of your Bitcoin mining.
  5. Ok. That's about right, integrated graphics cards are not very powerful.
  6. Try this client: It depends on what kind of graphics card you have. That's about right for an old Nvidia Mobile GPU. Is that what you have?
  7. Old Nvidia cards don't have very good OpenCL driver support. Our program requires OpenCL. The exe crashed because of your Nvidia, and the failure to connect was just due to that crash. If you haven't updated your drivers to the latest version, that's the first thing to try. Make sure that when you do that, don't use the auto-detect tool, manually select the drivers for your specific card. If you have already done that, you can try playing around with some of their beta drivers. Their might be some other advice buried in this thread. I'm sorry it's not working for you, I just didn't want you to waste your time on it. Your computer would at most make 0.09 Silver per 24 hours. I'm not exactly sure what's causing it, but the engine is definitely malfunctioning. Have you updated your graphics card drivers to the latest version? Make sure that when you do that, don't use the auto-detect tool, manually select the drivers for your specific card. That would be awesome! Unfortunately we aren't in charge of that. Ask Rolf! Thanks for the support!
  8. Sorry about being slow to get back to you. We don't have that good of support for older Nvidia cards. Even if you were to get it working, you most likely would not make back your electricity costs. That card, at best, would make 0.07 silver per day.
  9. It's mostly price fluctuations, it's been a rollercoaster ride the past two weeks. But, the difficulty is also increasing. People are putting lots of compute power on the network so the amount of bitcoins for a fixed amount of power decreases. Did the error message say "Cannot find OpenCL.dll"? If so, you need to update your graphics card drivers. Find your card manufacturer, (AMD or Nvidia), and go to their website. What manufacturer and model of graphics card do you have?
  10. Lots of speculators. The price rose way to fast. For two months, the time the price took to double halved. It took only 8 days to go from 100 to 200. If it had continued at that pace the price per Bitcoin would have reached infinity in 8 more days. Also, the biggest exchange was under severe stress due to a huge influx of new users. During the crash the lag time reached 1 hour and 20 minutes, meaning it was filling orders from 80 minutes before. Tons of people put in market sell orders (an order that says I don't give a crap what the price is just sell!), and they were all queued up. Because of the stress all of the sites reporting data about the price a depth of market were down, so it was just a big blind panic sell. Should be fixed in a minute. That would be cool, but unfortunately we don't have the dev time to spare. No, I don't play Wurm. I'm more of an FPS guy.
  11. Hey everyone. I want to apologize for the pool issues, they are totally our fault. Everything is up and running again, so you can continue mining. We also saw a bug where people were getting paid up to twice as much as they should have been paid. This only showed on your client, not on your stats page at . What is on your stats page is your actual value. As you may know, the Bitcoin bubble has popped, crashing from $266 down to $70 at the moment. The last value in our database for the Bitcoin to USD price is $158. To thank you guys for bearing with us, we'll leave that exchange rate there until tomorrow at 5 pm PST (The next 34 hours). To those of you mining on less efficient cards like Nvidias or Laptops, you may want to double check your Key rate versus your electricity cost to make sure you are still positive.
  12. A lot of processing power is being added to the network, but it's not being added nearly as fast as the price is increasing. Butterfly labs has only produced one ASIC, and it wasn't shipped to a customer, it was just their test box. When/if BFL gets all of their ASIC pre-orders out the door, the difficulty to mine Bitcoin will skyrocket. Note that it doesn't drive down the price of a Bitcoin, it just drives down the amount of Bitcoin a fixed amount of processing power generates. BFL is notoriously bad for failing to meet their shipping goals, so don't be too surprised if your friend doesn't get his box by July.
  13. I'm sorry for your Nvidia. There is nothing anyone can do about that, Nvidia cards are bad at Bitcoin mining due to their architecture.