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  1. Seems no matter what workaround I try I can't log on. Oh well. Guess I'm waiting haha.
  2. Ya, it's always nice if not a little sad at times thinking about stuff like this. especially since everything is still laid out exactly as it was. Even followed the path back with these two brother that settled nearby back then had all their stuff and it's the same. I also went down a little ways and found "Vallonguard" as it's now called. It's an area that traded hands a bit, When I last saw it my friend had left and passed it to me to tend to if I wanted it, then I ended up having to pass it over to Martynas. Not sure who owns it now. even saw the old mine spot I helped dig up. Memories hit ya right in the feels.
  3. So for those of you who know me, I'm back for a bit! That was the first thing, secondly since I'm always in and out of Wurm it seems, I get these nice nostalgia experiences and even some "feels" What I mean is that, quite a few years ago I had a spot below Mookton (Now Wyldemore I think) and I had a little area all to myself then established people and new players alike started moving in around me as friends and such and a little community developed. Well I rediscovered the exact spot... Terraforming and all is still there. Well by all I mean the little mine, my friend who bought "Darkmalice"'s guard tower and the paving. See, a fun fact about this exact spot... It was the place I started my wurm experience forever ago... Like greater than 6 years or so. It kinda holds a good bit of meaning to me. There was a guy, I can't remember his name exactly, I want to say it was Rustayne, or maybe I recall this exact name because they were someone else around there... Anyways... This man was a cool guy, who owned a little place called "Shadow..." something or other I can't pull it all out exactly... I started my leveling he let me build near his little settlement, then after a while he wasn't on as much... Well as a friend I found out he was having some rl issues and was going to have to quite for a while. Well that was some time ago now and I haven't seen him since... Well after he left I was rather bummed and took a break, when I came back someone new owned the land etc. And I'll not lie I popped in and out a few times for brief periods and revisited with old friends and made new ones. But this spot, this exact area here is what started it all for me... Idk where my friend is from my first experiences in Wurm went to, but I wish you the best man.
  4. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Thinking after this month of premium is up, might grab wurm unlimited to come check out this place and maybe set myself up haha.
  5. I guess NIcrolis is no longer it hmm?
  6. You heard that right deli, I'm back! Last time I set foot on you was in 2013 and here I am again! Returned to wreak havoc as Orias The Deranged only could! Alright well maybe not havoc, build up a little off deed place, pester the usual oldies I know. Probably do some masonry work for a person or two. You know the usual. Might start up the delivery service from a ways back. Who knows eh? So who're the main blade and tool smiths now in case I need to start ordering stuff to get going... I'm a sucker for good tools... I only ever bought my tools from Nicrolis in the past, so who's who and what's what?
  7. This is how I say happy birthday to friends on FB and other social media. Then I offer then skill points to alot to stats... It's very nice...
  8. Grass inside of houses and lootable coins? Well then. I've missed quite a bit...
  9. I been away for sooo long, has anything overly amazing happened? Last I played I had ran from Deli to Xanadu and set up shop, then as per real life and always basically playing alone save for the freedom chat I faded out. I'm possibly coming back because I have a friend who is like astounded by this game and is overly excited to get going with it. So yea, what all have I missed?
  10. We need more virginians get your rear back in here. >.>
  11. I was always wanting to do this and see this come to fruition but never could I ever have put together something like this. You sir deserve a cookie
  12. boat bridge? Edit: Alright I checked the map, I am either swimming (which wont be feasable) or finding a ride to exodus then working my way north to the boat bridge then I will be home free. <3 Edit 2: Someone helped me find it! On my way home!
  13. So update to this, if anyone on Deliverance is able to manage a boat ride for me (since I can't control a boat) I can pay. I really wish to be back in familiar territory
  14. You heard it guys, I will be trying to find a way from Celebration back to Deliverance. I came over to live on Winterfell with Darkmalice/druidnature before my vacation I got back he was nowhere to be found so I left wurm kind of bummed out but I am back this deed does not have long left and I miss my original home the one I know. I will hopefully be checking my old spot to see if anyone is still there or if they have let my houses and all I gave them die off then restake my claim off deed. So once I find a way back to Deli I will personally visit everyone I have not seen in forever!