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  1. HI, Was thinking when you put in the new user interface can u put in the quality of the item showing when u mouse over any item in game! This game is all about leveling your skill and quality of items. Just an idea for the devs and would make impiing stone much easier too lol
  2. Hello Yes! This should of been done a long time ago! This is the right choice!
  3. thank u for 3rd person. I think the 50% nerf to chopped vegs a little too much it should be like 25% This patch is so good tho over all thank you I can now see my char in his gear and looks great!
  4. Devs, I want to thank you for 3 person! I have wanted that for a very long time. I have tried on test server and its awosme! Please get this in game asap!
  5. Are the servers down what is going on?
  6. server down?

    I cant log into wurm any reason why?
  7. Why no bind key to mix. Im so pisst right now about this. Fix it
  8. for the love of god please add a bind key for mixing! please please please.
  9. Hi, I would love for this to be in game for online. it would make combat more fun since you wont give us new creatures to kill. Give combat some serious love for once.
  10. Hi, For the love of god please have this come to wurm online please. This is good stuff. Will it come to online? True dark lord
  11. well i quit this is just a bunch of ###### why is my system so diff then many others. I spent so much cash into this game to have this stop me. maybe one day devs u get it fixed.
  12. when i go to open the eve it gives me a littlel page of info doent allow me to open an change anything
  13. Why am I having this issue. This makes no sense. can i get a dev to help
  14. I down loaded the 64 bit offline one
  15. ok its show 181 not the 141 and i dont the exe just the javaws hat is it