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  1. I am sorry for the late reply. For some reason, I got no notification about the post. Yes, here is the PC, more than a year old, though: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/160250-pc-yozhik/&tab=comments#comment-1639471
  2. Skill dump: https://niarja.com/universes/online/clusters/freedom/skills/Yozhik Features: Rank 5 PoK; 31 silvers in bank (20s can be sold separately); 2294 karma - ready for two Town teleports; x13 sleep powders (can be sold separately); Ready for solo play right after purchase. Low-mid gear and tools included, just requires some repairs after premming up. Accepting paypal.me or bank transfers - whichever works for You. Here is the screenshot of the current loadout:
  3. Seems like there were some hard change in the market during my break. Thank you both for the information.
  4. As the title says, I'm looking for people who can evaluate the price of this lone-wolf account. Here is the link: https://niarja.com/skill_compare/Yozhik Edit: The character also has Rank 5 in PoK.
  5. Sold. Please close the topic
  6. Please add the deed called Half a Nightmare (right in the center of 4 tiles: 31x 16y, 32x 16y, 31x 17y and 32x 17y)
  7. Thanks for the info.
  8. Forgot to mention a lot of things it seems. It's in Deli. It has around 20 BSBs included (has a bunch of 65ql+ logs, FSB with around 3k crops (pumpkins, corn, potatoes in particular) and almost 1k meat in. Wagons and horses are not included, there's also a bed and loom in the trader's house. 2 70ql forges in the mine. I have all the writs.
  9. WTS a 31x23 trader deed with a few buildings, guard tower (off deed) and an iron mine (has very good quality vein uncovered and lots of low ql veins). It's situated in Deli (44x 17y) , a little walk from the shore. It has no guards, upkeep is 1,42s and is paid for 236 days. Also included: 20 BSBs (with a bunch of logs up to 70ql) FSB (with around 3k crops (pumpkinks, corn potatoes in particular and almost 1k meat in) 2 70ql forges in the mine Writs for the buildings Wagons, carts and horses are not included. The price is 35s (price is negotiable). PM me in game (Yozhik) or forums. Here are some pictures: The main gatehouse: Trader's house (View from the token): Animal pen with separate pens for breeding : Also a farming area, including oak farm:
  10. The price is 2s/1k. Can be shipped to any Freedom server, also West coast of Xanadu. Delivery cost depends on the distance. PM me in the forum, or in-game (Yozhik) for more details.
  11. Sorry for late response. No, it's sold already. Please close this.
  12. Please add 41x 16y Yozhik's Retreat and remove Sterling (40x 27y) Keep up the good work!
  13. As the title says, I'm selling knarr with 100 rafts. Knarr can be sold with or without rafts. The full price of it is 11s. Meat is already sold.
  14. i have a supreme plank if you're still interested
  15. 40x 26y Fiddly Bits became Sterling
  16. Hello, As the title says, I'm available for hire again. I'm willing to do all kinds of jobs. From mining to pan filling. I have decent skills if you care about products quality and work speed. I am located in SE Deliverance. If you have any offers, feel free to PM me in game or posting here.
  17. Nice project indeed. This stadium is designed for horse races, not combat games. Count me in if you decide to build it.
  18. Keep up the good work on the map! Please change the name of Fiddly Bits (40x 26y) to Sterling.