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  2. I see what you are saying, and it makes complete sense, but i still think we need the option to down vote, or why have an up vote?
  3. I guess I didn't state this well enough, it really has nothing to do with community ratings, though I am not sure how they figure them, the term just stuck in my head. I really think we need an option to down vote, and I know what you are going to say, but bullies!!!! Don't make down votes or up votes impact community rating (obviously I have no idea how you configure that) . I mean if only upvotes counted, then every one should be flying high, since that is all we can do. I think down votes would be helpful on some posts, and needed on other posts. would save unnecessary replies. Eh, I don't know know, but we should have the option to like it or not like it, no impact to the original poster. Is the community rating nothing but a popularity contest? sure seems that way,,,,,,,,
  4. Whew, glad its all sorted, I see the timer has been updated, once again, I am sorry you all had to go through that, but thankfully Kardlef and family are okay!!! Dang real life issues!!!
  5. I will get clarification and post it here! Really not sure, I don’t usually go to events!
  6. I am sorry you feel that way, but nothing was done to those that didn't do anything, or say anything. Feel free to skip the rescheduled event, actually, its probably best if you do ( now that is insulting).
  7. So glad you and the family are okay, got worried, I knew nothing could keep you away! Thank you for coming back and following up!!
  8. Worded so well, thank you!
  9. Well said, thank you
  10. I didn't insult anyone, and no I wasn't here, real life kept me away. I am not going to keep going back and forth with you. I am sorry you lost some time out of your game, I truly am, but not my fault. I do really feel that something bad happened in Kardlefs life, to keep him away. I am not going to respond further.
  11. To each their own, I wasn't even at the event, haven't been around much lately, but glad they tried to make it public. I'm sorry you feel insulted and wasted time.
  12. Well then you are taking it wrong, because that is 100% what I said and what I mean, I hope none of you, ever has to go through that.
  13. I'm not insulting anyone, I sincerely hope that no one, ever has to deal with a life event that makes it so they can not communicate with their game or game friends. Honestly
  14. Insulted this much? I have not insulted anyone, I am just saying that this is not like Kardlef, he, in all the time I have known him, has never done anything like this, he is like clockwork, which leads me to believe that something happened in his life, that prevented him from playing/getting in contact with someone on discord. I get that people are upset that they wasted time, happens. I repeat, I just hope that he and his family are okay.
  15. Thank you for that, I am sure he didn’t take precautions because he fully expected to be there, lesson learned. When/if he returns, I am sure he will make sure he has a back up plan in the future.
  16. I hope you and everyone complaining never experiences a REAL life event that makes the games you play not matter.
  17. I agree with Heddwyn, I too have know Kardlef since he started playing. This is not like him, he would not miss this slaying! If he were able to, he would have at least reached out on discord to someone prior to the event. I only hope that he and his family are ok.
  18. Is this still active? Was great fun when I ran it years ago, might bring others to run it if it is.
  19. Updating pricing and Rare stock list
  20. Crimson Lake deed is placed in the wrong area since last map dump, correct area is,433 Highway... its too much to give yaga coords, if this doesn't work let me know, and I will spend more time on it, yellow is highway red is cave tunnel
  21. Congrats to Aleck, will be in touch to work out pick up on both.