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  1. Fair enough. Long time gamer, started with combat or night driver, can't recall. Played UO beta and years after that. Have a penchant for rogue like games. Still play diablo 3 but only on hardcore. Wad mayor of a player city in swg and was co leader of a guild there. I never want to do that again. I'm a much better #2 or 3 than #1. Was netrep for a trading card game back when those were huge. Played some FPS compeditively for a while. Played eve for years. Have finished multiple games of axis and allies. That's also in the never want to do again camp. US time zone. Availability is random. Could be any time of the day. Looking to be part of a project. I get to see and do more as part of a team in theae types of games. Also looking for help with learning the tips and tricks. I'm on Celebration hence posting here. Not opposed to a server move but have no clue what that entails so if you want that to happen the logistics are all on you.
  2. New to the game. Just getting a feel for the system now.