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  1. We would love to have you!
  2. Comments Redacted. its really a great looking map, and the community is awesome. miss you guys Theodrick.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, I've heard some about citadel, enough to warrant that I do not want to use them. I do have a laptop that might be a viable option, ill look into what I could use to turn it into a server, Thanks! Grath.
  4. I'm relatively new to running any type of server, I'm looking to really get my moneys worth with purchasing a monthly plan on a reliable server/host. I was wondering if anyone in the community would have any idormation on which servers they use, the pros and cons of such servers please. I've looked through multiple Google searches on servers and all of them boast mostly the same offerings. I don't want to buy a server and then come to find out their customer service is junk, or their hosting is less than suitable. I'm looking to have 100 available slots on the server, a big map, no TeamSpeak (since discord is available.) a smooth running server, that I can upgrade if needed. Thank you so much for any input on this subject. Grath.
  5. its mostly moving dirt, making piers, i estimate about 10k worth of dirt needs to be moved around, but i could be wrong
  6. Looking to hire a construction crew to terraform my deed, i work way too much to enjoy doing it myself. If you could please give me an example of what work you have done already. what you charge also. Thanks, Grath Xan/R13
  7. I'm new and starting out, anything you could spare would be nice! Thanks!
  8. Hello everyone, im new, and looking to earn some coin for my new deed, Looking to sell 2 sleeping powder Referal sold Thanks!