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  1. Another newbie would like to join your ranks, if you will have me.
  2. I apologize if it offended you. It's just to make it an interesting title. I'm of course talking about a low-wage worker. No offense intended
  3. Hello, After finding your game on IndieDB, and reading through the website and forums as well as the wiki for a couple of days, I have decided to give this game a try. As a new player, I am not really certain where I would like to settle and what I would like to do, so I have decided to ask for somebody to please employ me at a minimum wage for a while. I am willing to do any kind of work, a new player can possibly do. I have spawned on Xanadu, but if my new Master has some patience, I don't mind building a small boat to get to other servers. My skills are still at a minimum, so put me to use somewhere I can do the dirty work you don't want to do. Cut trees, pave, mine, make bricks, mortar, or whatever else you might have in mind. I just want to get to know more aspects of the game as I work for you. Exact wages can be discussed depending on the task, but I am just looking to earn a little bit of coin to finance premium time after a while. Because I don't know what to really do ingame, please message me on the forums if you have a job for me, because I will be able to respond more quickly here. Thank you to everybody who is considering giving a newbie like me a chance.