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  1. Overlooking Deli from Unk's Dread Fort --- (click for full view)
  2. COD spindle (oak), BOTD92: 1s 60c to Takaluah --- I would like to buy a 90ql imp for this as well ! thanks so much!!
  3. Took a screenie of the wurm gang during the recent Troll King slaying on Indy! Try and find yourself if you attended ! (full gamma for best view @ night) and a couple of bonus tent shots, mostly just my friend Zach and I hanging out in his fancy camper before the troll-beating clown fiesta, complete with brazier, rug, decor and oh goD a B E A R ! ! !
  4. offering 2.5s for the star diamond if ya still have it! COD to Takaluah
  5. heya Kixi! CoD that black opal to Takaluah ! thanks friend
  6. Colossus 66.67 Bulk storage bin 128.00 just let that sink in for a while.
  7. I wanna agree to the creamy color but I like the white too much
  8. Hi! ❤ I'm a marble lover and I've decorated my deed in this material and I'd love for the marble bridges to match the color of the material it comes from. The bridges seem much too creamy-beige in comparison to their slightly darker-grey counterparts. It makes it look out of place amongst all of my pavement/deed. I propose that the bridge #hexcode match the pavement, since the darker grey compliments stone. I really like this idea enough to share it with you all and I'm certain I'm not the first.
  9. closed

    This person attempted to scam me by ordering 5k mortar, continually badgering me to keep lowering the price over the week so they could resell it here at a normal price without my knowing. Caniee/Tolson had told me they didn't 'have enough' silver on the agreed payment when the time came, trying to undercut me even further on the agreed price and postponing pickup by a week. This person then tried to convince me to create 15k mortar without picking up or paying for their previous order while demanding a "discount" on the bulk order I hadn't agreed to. Very rude. A great business strategy to buy low and sell high. Not very nice to try to scam and take advantage of suppliers. Be wary dealing with this person!
  10. Compasses

    awesome compasses! great price - the best one I have, lasted 17 tiles & takes only one second to settle! ❤ cheers!
  11. COD to Takaluah please! \o/ ❤ ❤ ❤
  12. [delete]

    Bed bugs no longer! (for me)
  13. Always felt that digging dirt and heaps of sand should automatically be dropped to the ground like mining shards and ore does. I'm not shoveling it directly into my pockets and I'll pick up from the pile what I need and continue on once it's on the ground.