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  1. thx for the update brash! so mutch disputes in this forum - whats wrong?!
  2. sounds very good !! and i am very happy to see these auctions are paid with S instead of real money !! when WU was released i was(still) very anxiety - this could be the end of WO. becouse of (WO-)leaving players and the feedback of all the casual gamers could ruin the unique charackter of Wurm... thx for the fast response !!!!
  3. Hello everyone, just wanna ask how WO goes - i just see updates, updates, updates so the game is still alive?! i thinking about a comeback =) ?! can you tell me something - whats going on in the last 2years, pls? (secundary question: are many players leave WO since WU is released?) greetings!!
  4. helo friends, my luncher.jnlp works ownly one time if i try to start the game again there do nothing and i get no error massage... i alway need to download the ,jnlp again, then it works but ownly one time, next time i need to doenload it again.... ( sry my english, i hope you understand want i meen XD ) greetings, SackBart