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  1. Almost a year later, still in alpha (you have to pay $40 to access) although still looks promising... Been a long time for anyone who backed it initially, a year ago.
  2. Price/PC? (I see it says to offer, but I'm not great at coming up with prices) If it's within my budget, I'm interested.
  3. You might want to highlight the 90 farming in the skill dump. Almost missed it
  4. Is this essentially a -1 to building inside mines? If so, can we ban polarbear by player poll?
  5. It would make so many locations viable for newbies if you could make wooden walls with wooden pegs. Finding iron is probably the toughest part of the game. (Ignoring the rummage option, which isn't really a long term solution)
  6. Great idea...but still just that...an idea. Let's hope they can prove me wrong and change my mind about kickstarter.
  7. close

    That's odd. I offered him 200e buyout 3 days ago. (A few minutes after the thread was created)
  8. You can just transfer a mirror from any new alt you make for free.
  9. Game looks great. I dunno why, but I love fishing games, even though I've never gone fishing in 'real life'. Thanks Zak
  10. +1...kinda. I don't see how 5-10 minutes of SB per day is going to help a newbie much, as you can build a house with a bed on your first day anyway. (Plus, 5 mins sb isn't going to do much for you anyhow, especially as a newbie) Seems like 'wasted content'. I'd rather see a bedroll that is more difficult to create than a bed, which gives normal SB gain even outside of a house. That way, more advanced players can use it while traveling or 'living in a cave'. (Make it either take fast damage or be non-repairable) This would be much more useful and not some 'throw-away' item most newbies wont even know exists until they are past the point of 'requiring'. It would be useful to everyone, not just newbies too.
  11. 600e mark I'd say. Sadly ships aren't worth what they were :s
  12. So whoever he sends it to can't just accept 1 of the items that they want
  13. I just tried playing again...dam it WKM, now I'm re-addicted to clicker heros!