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  1. I have put my trust in this man many times. Free bump.
  2. Paying at a ratio of 1s per 12k favor. So 50c per k of 100QL garlic for example.
  3. It's cool and all but, you know. Some people won't appreciate it including me. Yeah the OP has a pretty strong reaction to it but trying to devalue their feelings towards the whole thing just because you don't it understand won't do anything. Shrimpiie just basically told Diddy to suck it up. And I always believe everyone's point of view and personal experience should be valued. (Edit omg I just realized that I can't see my character model or armour, except for the helm. Dang!)
  4. I remember that day when we were forced to be gnomes on April Fools... I hated it. It was so ugly and I couldn't even look at my character anymore and try on different armour sets and what not.
  5. Full Steam Ahead

    Good point! thanks dude.
  6. Full Steam Ahead

    I just keep grinding hoping that the main Wurm cluster will be connected to the steam cluster one day. But if that's not the case I'm going to loose a huge amount of motivation to play Wurm, so confirmation on this would be nice. Instead of just getting "maybe"
  7. I appreciate your devotion. And commitment to being inclusive!
  8. Okay so It has been a good few months now. And I am getting quite anxious. I have done nothing but raise my channelling (I'm a priest main btw) and I am already at 88 (My goal is 95). And this goal is absolutely necessary as a high channeller. I have seen rite casts go by me, and I can't even begin to have an idea on who to contact to get this done. I have put my name in the benediction waiting list (Which I have confirmation from Flubbb that it mostly watches over Xanadu) and I'm just waiting waiting and waiting... And there is nothing I can do to get this done. And the chances are high that on the next cast I won't be a part of it and instead it will be some random group. If I had like prayed for a month straight on a bunch of alts and had a cast done from under my feet then I might actually quit the game out of anger and defeat. So that option is out the window. And I'm saying this so that some person can't tell me that "Well you can technically work for it." Because if I actually do, it will most likely be stolen from me. And don't forget, nobody should be expected to do something as useless and monotonous as this with their premium time. @Retrogradesays that there is a bottleneck effect from too many people wanting it done. But what I'm seeing is the opposite, less people needing the cast means less opportunities to be a part of a cast. The amount of people working to recharge the cast is diminishing, and you can see that as a player like myself who isn't a part of too many communities how infuriating, and dividing this is. I just feel defeated in every way by this. So please, try to make this make sense to me as of why this is still a goal, and why there isn't some kind of alternative goal that doesn't divide people and something I can WORK towards instead of most likely getting screwed over for. How many people have to complain about the logistics behind this goal before any kind of change is made?! All I see is deflection and ignorance in response to these issues.
  9. I see. Yeah I am tired of just waiting and waiting without anything I can really work towards. I can't even begin to get an idea of who I should contact. It's frustrating as you know.
  10. I just want to understand the logistics and management behind this thing. I can see a rite cast was done on celebration not too long ago. What servers does this list watch over? Who is getting these people together? And are there really people who do small group casts for their own gain? I'm already at 88 channelling now and I am a dedicated priest main so I'm getting anxious seeing the long amounts of time between casts. Or was the list just too long and I wasn't paying attention?
  11. All I really want is just a bind for it. Please this is a huge oversight.
  12. I can't tell if you're joking or not. Also I don't really like the sound of most of these things. Especially to auto-repair. -1
  13. If the persons deed disbands. There goes a decent chance of them coming back.
  14. I was thinking of playing on Jackal. Now I don't want to. I'm really glad I didn't get scammed into many hours on this server with the silver lining that skills would have been transferred.
  15. @EtherdrifterThey didn't say anything about it being removed on Epic. Just jackal. And if they do do that, I honestly might quit the game because sitting around painfully to get to 70 prayer with a skillgain success of absolute garbage I might just die out. Because nobody should have to dedicate themselves to that...
  16. I love you Oblivion. Your ideas are amazing. +1
  17. You guys sure are good at creating problems for Retrograde.
  18. During the priest overhaul this was heavily recommended. And the devs just kinda told us that they didn't want to do it. Still, huge +1 and I don't understand why it is the way it is.
  19. Maybe how it works is that it drains when you loose hunger..? And if you have no hunger to loose then you can't loose CCFP? It doesn't make sense so... A worthy bug report imo.
  20. Demise Arrows

    For some reason when I try to cast demise spells arrows on freedom it gives me the message that It's bad for my karma disallowed on the server. Which is confusing since it technically should work as they are weapons in the same way as carving knives... hammers, etc. I did this as an attempt to grind channelling, and I found out that on chaos it DOES work casting demise spells on arrows strangely enough, and on top of that when dropped in a BSB it looses the demise spell and allows me to re-cast without error. (Edit, I can see this isn't something that would count as an exploit after research and knowing BSB logic and gain)