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  1. Celebration :p. Sorry. I will edit it to show that.
  2. WTS this: Server: Celebration It comes with: -a Knarr -all the rares shown in the image A -a merchant contract -the building shown in the image B -all the items shown in the image C -a studded leather armor set of 64 +/- QL, all with ASOP of 50 +/- -the sword of the image D, wich is 88 QL Price: u$50 (debatable) Images: Knarr A B C D
  3. Image says everything. Rare frying pan: 2.5s Rare large anvil: 6s
  4. Totally. I have been having a hard time with bears. Im at 70fs, and trolls were not a problem for me, nor bears. Now bears care noticeable, while trolls are a total danger to avoid. Even with a 60-70QL studded leather suit, and a 90QL 2H sword.
  5. Hey!! I came late (really late). I offer myself to translate whatever english text you have to spanish... Since my main language is spanish :p. I dont know anything about wiki editing, but if someone wants to send me plain text, I will translate it. Or... Just help me to help.
  6. None of this ones, on the Eastest side of Celeb, around Y 32, still exist.
  7. Rydzewen (Y 30, X 42) Seems like its no more too.
  8. Nordymbres (Y 35, X 29) Fyrkat (Y 35, X 30) Vanaheimr (Y 40, X 38) Rockforge Island (Y 31, X 33) Trelleborg (Y 29, X 36) All of them are no more.
  9. OMG!! I wasnt even able to put them back inside my bag!! Where are you at? (lets talk by here, cause I have a toddler at my lap and I cant play)
  10. So I got a nice amount of gems in this past days, and I wan to throw them into the market. ------------------------------ 225 gems, in a mix of Opals, Rubys, Diamonds, Emeralds, and Saphires. 4,105.56 QL Total I sell the gems in a pack, not as individual or fraction. I can send them by mail with CoD, you can pick them up on Celeb at Fyrkat, or I can deliver them free on Celeb. Price: 10s Here you can see them.
  11. Exodus Deed Map

    Found Isle of Marv at Y20 X26
  12. Exodus Deed Map

    Y45 X35, Pirate´s Retreat is no more.
  13. Actually, there was a bug, time ago, when someone could shoot from the distance to your animals inside deed, doing it from outside the deed. So, some times, people used to grief that way if the deed gates were open. Other way was, with the assistance of a Vyn priest/ess, summoning a tornado. There is no secure settings for a deed in animals´s matters, but otherwise you can always protect your items.