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  1. "Make a colossus" Colossus made. Mission is still incomplete. The same applies to wool hats, but at least those can be reused and dyed. A wasted colossus is hours of work from a dozen people with no benefit whatsoever. This is unacceptable. There's a ton of missions that are completely unreasonable, like sacrificing 500 sapphires or 100+ gold sheets, but at least you know what to do. When the mission doesn't even tell you what the victory condition is, how are you expected to be able to do anything?
  2. Discuss Epic plz

    Give an external drive for players. Some tangible goal to strive for that you can point to and say "That's a thing I hope to achieve." The Epic missions are fun, sometimes. They give you something to do to try and progress your god's achievements that hopefully you as an individual can help. The problem is how inane some of them are. "There's a tree somewhere, cut it down" or "Sacrifice 500 sapphires" are just... wasted missions. What I'd love to see are more event-based missions. For instance, at a certain time (add a countdown timer) a group of mobs will show up at one location and the mission is to kill them. JK might get the mission to slay the mobs, while HOTS gets the mission to defend them. That gives an excuse for pvp in a way that contributes to the larger valrei activity, and provides some structure. Full sandbox mode to let people build their own groups and set up their own raids is a bit lack-luster but it works. A game system that tells you "Things are going to happen, you should meet up and be ready" is a great way to get people cooperating, and people who want to opt out of it can just decide to stay home and not participate. For those that do participate, reward them with karma, scenario points, or scraps of glimmersteel. The important thing, to me, is to provide a tangible goal and activity to pursue, and to reward the players with real benefits that they couldn't as easily produce on their own. HOTA is good, but it only rewards the winning alliance, and whoever is at the alliance can kind of dictate what happens to the reward items. Unique hunts are more fun, everyone automatically gets a blood. A type of 'server activity event' that would reward people for participating would be ideal. It should give big contributors more, but should also have a minimum reward per person, otherwise the older players just hog all the rewards. As much as it pains me to say, take a page from WoW or RIFT and add raid-type events, with just enough structure that people will come together and lax enough rules that they can still sandbox the solution. Additional idea: Add personal missions, not just server-wide missions, so individual players can have their own mission from the gods, with easier tasks and smaller rewards.
  3. Yeah, if this is 3+ years old, then it may be time for you to move on. It's alright man, you can stop being shackled by your past.
  4. That's still an hour out of the game, waiting on someone to come get you, hoping an enemy doesn't boat by, or logging out. Still extremely annoying and discourages people from teleporting. So, if it's balanced like that, then allow it.
  5. Let's not forget that it can drop you in water, right? With a large portion of the map being water, there's a chance that you could escape your enemy, only to end up at sea and drowning.
  6. I seem to be too young to be in on this... but isn't Serenity JKHome?
  7. +1 and for regular movement as well. You can more easily mouse-look and get centered, but it's still rather annoying sometimes when you're walking a long straight road. It's extremely annoying for mounts though, you'd think a horse would know how to walk straight...
  8. I'm not worries about GM-controlled dragon hunts eating into /support time. In fact just the opposite. I've heard on Freedom about how /support responses are almost instant. On Epic it took about two hours to get my boat unstuck from a cave. Given this track record, and how GM's favor Freedom very clearly, I can imagine Freedom getting dragon hunts while Epic gets one half-assed GM who begins a hunt and then goes afk and it ends in failure and then never happens again for a month. And don't say "GM's aren't that bad" because I've had boat issues and the /dev or /support help line too literally days to do anything about the issue, and insulted me while doing nothing productive.
  9. Macro'ing is easy. I follow the rules but this is one time that I've wanted to break a game's rules. 6x6 field of cotton, 4x items per harvest, that's 108kg cotton. That's 54kg string, about 180 actions to turn it all into squares. Making string is easy, you can pick up a spindle and you can pick up cotton, and use the menu to do 3x or 4x actions at a time very easily, depending on your mind logic. But you can't pick up a loom. Making string into cloth is every individual action done with a movement through the menus. That's 180 actions that you cannot keybind and cannot make easier. A macro would be incredibly easy to make. "put mouse at this screen coordinate, move mouse down, move mouse right, move mouse right and down, and click." You may have to update the macro every time you login and/or server reboot, but that's minisculeeffort to simply rearrange the macro settings, and depending on how fancy you make your macro, you could design it to do the adjustments on its own! I've made macros for tedious games before. It's incredibly, incredibly easy. If you add a repeat button, it makes the macro about 1/2 second faster, but it makes the user about 5 second faster, or whatever. If they're using a macro, this won't really change their macro at all. If they're legit, then this makes it SO MUCH easier for them to anything.
  10. I'd agree, except GM intervention on Epic is measured in the hours of reply delay. I fear we'd never get any attention ever at all.
  11. Judging by the decay rate of items, I would suspect to see entire islands becomes literal pile of crap within weeks. Especially any horse pen, just packed up over the Tall Stone Walls FULL of manure.
  12. Leather masks for my horribly burned face?
  13. +1 perhaps also make the tame timer decay slower, so they remain loyal for longer while wearing a high q collar?
  14. I want dragon armor, but only because it sounds nice. If there were no drakehide/dragonscale armor to gain from butchering, I'd still want to go dragon hunting because it sounds like an awesome goal. But it's something that becomes difficult when you join the game late and it's already gone. As I said before, it's not really an issue of "I'm angry because I don't have rare armor" it's an issue of "I heard about the game too late and now I can't participate in something cool". It's not just penalizing new players, it's actively discouraging people from making an account because the main page lies. This is a little difficult if you join now, because they're all dead. If you made an account hoping to have fun hunting down special creatures, then it sucks to be you because there were already people on the server before you signed up!
  15. If you pay attention, these games have no foundation. You get dropped into an enclosed arena with a weapon in your hand and just kill everyone. Wurm is not that. Wurm has cities, maps, resources, terrain, nations, and logistics to worry about. Quake has nothing. It just has a few guys going rambo with machineguns and rocket launchers. Wurm is focused on the buildup, the skill and the equipment. It's not an even playing field, it's not supposed to be. The one who invests more time into their skills and more effort into their equipment will always have the upper hand over someone who hasn't bothered. This is not a design flaw. This if a feature of a game that's focused on crafting and skill grind.