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  1. So I am a little late to the game here, but I just ran into this problem today. The issue that the OP first described may have been caused by moving or removing the Login server from the Server Neighbors table. I had servers I wanted to not be able to navigate to and I removed (in-game) the server border to prevent crossing. This removed the server neighbors from both my login and second server. After the next reboot... I got the NULL KINGDOM error when loading villages. I believe the NULL Kingdom was comparing the neighbor servers with the kingdom on the login server or something along those lines. Hope this helps someone in the future!
  2. Please send me prices and QL for 4 sets of Horse shoes and 6 slot tool belts or higher. Just coming back to Wurm and trying to regear a bit.
  3. Closed: This should be for Southern Freedom Isles
  4. Please send me prices and QL for 4 sets of Horse shoes and 6 slot tool belts or higher. Just coming back to Wurm and trying to regear a bit. :)
  5. I recently restarted my server using the X to shut it down and I have horses outside of my fence. This never happened before until recently. Sounds like a minor bug here. Nothing major but worth looking into for sure.
  6. The text works, it is just all smashed the the side of the window. If what you are saying is a fix for this please post an example. Then I will just continue on with my mission ruler rants. A fix for the mission ruler to expand it'seems functionality is my final rant for this game. Hehehe...
  7. You guys know this has been an issue since release. Please fix this. It's really bad it hasn'the been fixed already. The lack of attention to the mission ruler needs to be addressed. If you so not know what I am talking about, when creating a dialogue using the mission ruler and popup text, the text is all smashed to one side of the window no matter how you set the size. Please address this issue.
  8. IT would be great to add a checkbox to quests to make them global. Like everyone gets the quest, but only the person who performs the action gets the reward. For example, One person triggers a quest, another person gives the item to an NPC to complete the quest. The Quest is marked complete for all, and the timer to repeat disallows anyone else from doing the quest. Something along those lines.
  9. I figured this out... Change settings in 2 tables: Items Table and then set holy to 1 or 0 in the EndGameItems table! Although it could be a cool quest to show that libia has corrupted the altar of Three
  10. Server Sync Issue

    I can't reproduce this on my local servers... It has to be something wrong with my hosted providers scripts....
  11. Server Sync Issue

    More news on this topc. RMI is enabled on both servers. The servers are running headless. All the data and items sync between servers. Everything seems to sync just fine. When I run the global shutdown command from in-game and restart my servers, my players are teleported to 0,0 on the login server when they log back in. Looking in the database it says that the characters were last on the cluster server, yet once they login, it moves them to the login server and puts them at 0,0 on the map. Everything else seems to sync fine. I am going to run a test today where I will logout on the cluster server and restart the servers with my dev account. From there I will bring only the login server up. In theory it should tell me that the server is not available for the character logged out on the cluster. It should allow me to login with any other character logged out on the login server. If it allows all characters to login to the login server then I should assume the issue is with something in the login server. Because at this point it should assume the cluster is down and therefore that player cannot login. If it allows me to login, then something is not respecting the player existing on the cluster server. I am also going to try to reproduce this on my local environment to eliminate it being a hosting issue.
  12. Again this is in the server neighbor tab, NOT THE LOCAL SERVER TAB.
  13. It works, I have it setup this way now. I tested it internally. When I get home I will login through my phone and rest it externally. If you can login to Mohan adventure test server and run north and swim across the border, you can test it now... lol!
  14. If this works I want my free puppy: Try setting your external IP on both of your server neighbor settings to your external IP address. Leave the External IP address on the local server tab set to the local addresses. I believe what this will do is when an external address goes to transfer servers it will use the external IP address to make the transfer to the cluster server. I have not had a chance to test this out externally yet, but I can say that in the logs instead of passing my internal IP address when transferring servers it now uses my external IP address. So I am hoping this is working.